Tuesday To-Do’s – Last Week of Freedom


Well, that is actually not even true.  This is the last week I have off from teaching in the classroom, but I have faculty meetings, trainings and a tournament to host this weekend.  So, my freedom is basically gone.  My husband has also invited a couple of his team members up to our house for the next couple of days, so I really have zero freedom left.  But, I have a long list of to-do’s.

Last week’s Focus on Seven edition was a bust for numerous reasons, not the least of which was the constant waiting to see if my Dad was going to take a turn for the worst and not make it through.  He is still hanging on today, but it is looking close, which will be tough when added to everything else that is happening.  Upon returning from my in-laws, my mom was not feeling well and a blood test showed her hemoglobin was extremely low, so we stayed last night at their house and I took her in for a transfusion this morning (two units…it was extremely low).  My sister met me at the hospital so we could come home.   And now, my daughter, who is immune compromised, has been diagnosed with not one, but two strains of the flu!  She had her flu shot, but because of her immune suppressing medication, it probably was not fully effective.  She is doing much better now than she was only a few hours ago, but we’ll see how she progresses.  She is now on Zofran and Tamiflu, so hopefully it will kick it quickly.  When it rains, it really seems to pour in my life.

But, let me reflect a bit on what I did from last week’s list and include this week’s updates:


I did take my friend to the airport, which was the only thing I had in the friendship area.  This week I have the tournament and figure that I will spend some time socializing with people I haven’t seen in a while.  Hopefully I will have time and energy to spend some quality time with at least a few people.


Well, the Wii is still not hooked up – fail.  Maybe I can get that done this week.  I did go on a short hike with my MIL and DD this weekend, which was nice.  But, other than that, not much to speak of in the way of exercise.  But, I did relax a bit and I spent the weekend relatively screen-free, which was definitely a benefit as well.

Inner Harmony

Again, not much to report in this area.  I’ve been pinning planners and journals like a fiend, but still can’t figure out how to make them work in my life.  I really feel drawn to them strongly, so I do feel like I would like to make one creative and beautiful and fun to use.  Here are a couple more I have found that really draw me to them:

Planner - graphic Planner awesome


We’ll see if I can actually get something together.  It seems like a good time with school starting next week.  But, with everything going on, I’m not sure if I will be motivated to do anything creative.


Still working on the book.  I read a couple of more chapters, but nothing significant.  Again, it has been hard to get motivated.

Economic Security

I signed the paperwork for the extra money last week, so that should be here in check form by the end of the month – much needed. I also got the reimbursement paperwork in but figure out that I actually owed $80 back to the school, so not money there.  It is a lean, lean month and with my daughter getting sick, my husband has put off going to work this week.  But, his workplace is where we have the tournament this weekend, so he can turn in the paperwork while we are there for the tournament.  That will be really helpful when it comes in.  I’ve also discovered a few small (and I do mean small) money making ventures online that I will blog about some time later.  Every little bit helps though, right?  I am hoping that I can cut some expenses next month, but we’ll see.

Family happiness

We did late Christmas at my in-laws and it was good, but not quite a full commitment to family.  We split up most of the weekend and that was disappointing.  The fact that my daughter is sick will cause us to have to spend some time together in the next couple of days though, so I guess there are better ways to make family time happen, but illness is one of them.  We also will be spending the weekend together at the tournament, so there is some more family time, even if it is layered on work time.


Again, not much in this department.  The follow-up is really causing me to realize how I lack follow through.  I didn’t read the book, although I carried it around all weekend.  I will keep that as my goal this week.

It has been a rough week since the last post.  I’m a little bit exhausted thinking about the anxiety and stress and travel.  I really need to focus on making sure my Seven are front and center, even in times of stress and anxiety.