Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #13


Well, it has been a rough week, so the Thumbs Up is a little tough this week.  But, here are the things I am most thankful for this week:


This stuff was like magic for my daughter’s flu.  She came down with it fast and furious and tested positive for both strains in the pede’s office.  We started her on it immediately that night and she seems to be totally recovered only 48 hours later.  She still has three more days of the Tamiflu, but with her immune suppressing meds, this is impressive!  Thank goodness.  She was quite miserable for that first day of it.

Zofran 8 mg

And, on a medical roll, I also give a thumbs up to Zofran.  My daughter can not handle dehydration with the meds she takes and her heart condition, so this is some great stuff that is much needed when she gets stomach sick.  She threw up twice before we got the stuff and never after we got the stuff.  She felt sick again a couple of times but we got the Zofran on board and she never threw up again.  That is something to be very thankful.

That is all I can get out this week.  Between the flu, viewing every call from my mom or sister as being the one that will tell me my Dad is gone (still hasn’t happened, but it is imminent), my mom’s need for an emergency blood transfusion and finding out that she has life-threatening internal bleeding that will need to be treated with radiation five days a week for two to five weeks and the start of the semester being only days away and me with only one syllabus out of four complete at this point…none of it is thumbs up worthy.  So, I will focus on the great meds that have allowed us to escape the flu disaster that could have been and move on to dealing with all this other stuff.

Hope your week is better than mine.

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