Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – “Crowd”

Five Minute Friday


This week’s topic is “crowd”…so here goes:


  1. a large number of people gathered together, typically in a disorganized or unruly way.
I am often in a crowd according to this definition.  I realize this as I remember walking across campus earlier today.  This week is a Spring-like week with lots of sunshine and warmth that has been lacking for a bit.  There were people EVERYWHERE on campus.  I don’t often walk across campus.  I park on my side of the campus, walk to my building, which is one of the first I come to from that side and go to my office.  After work, I return to my car.  But, today, I had a meeting on the far-side of campus to start the day, so I parked over there and returning to the car was a true treat.  I love working on a college campus, but I often forget the why of it all.  I don’t get out on campus enough to see the joy and enthusiasm and total YOUTH that is everywhere!  So much promise.  So much positivity.  They are raising money, pitching clubs, playing frisbee, setting up speakers for live music, hugging one another, gossiping…just so much face-to-face socialization.  Sure, there are cell phones everywhere, but today, I noticed the interactions and the activity and real interactions.  I even had a few of my own.  It made me feel good to run into people I had not seen in a while, have a conversation with them about what they are doing and feel CONNECTED.
Wow – that went fast today!
It was a great feeling remembering today though!  Thanks for the five minutes!

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – “Crowd””

  1. I love crowds of young people–keeps me feeling young, too ;). What a blessing that you get to work on a college campus–you’ve found the fountain of youth. Cheering you on from the Five Minute Friday crowd!


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