Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #15 – Bare Bones Edition


Well, the bare bones edition is happening because it is 11:37 pm, so I only have 23 minutes to truly post this on Thursday.  Plus, I don’t have a lot of things to give a thumbs up to this week.  Sorry, it has been a pretty bland week.  But, here goes:

1)  The iPad –


So many reasons for this one.  First, I have a five year old and yes, I am one of THOSE parents who has let their child play on both the iPhone and iPad forever.  But, I will say that it is a lifesaver when in the car, in the hospital, in waiting rooms, etc.  It is truly magic. I realize there are other things that can do make these places better, but this one is really a showstopper.  In addition, I can house literally hundreds of books, articles, student papers, etc. on it and fit it in my purse!  That is pretty amazing as well! I am not an Apple loving person really, but the iPad has definitely made me love it.  So, thumbs up Apple!

2)  $1 Iced Teas at McDonalds –


I drink a LOT of iced tea.  I also drive a lot.  So, being able to get a good, big, unsweetened iced tea (actually brewed – the fountain drink iced tea tastes really chemically) is a big boon for me!  McDonald’s consistently has good iced tea cheap, so they are my go-to place for picking up a drink along the way.

Yeah, its 11:49 p.m. now and I’m tired.  So, I’m ending it there this week.  I’m sure there are a ton of other things I could give a thumbs up to tonight, but I will just have to be happy with the two things.  Tomorrow is Friday – three more days of Spring Break and then it is back to work for me.  So sad…