Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Spring Break Edition


All good things end too soon.

So, Spring Break is just about over.  I spent one day of it at a teaching workshop, two days driving to and from Alturas CA and basically sitting in a hotel room or eating at a diner when not driving (I did get to see some antelope, but that was about it), and then two and a half days at my mom’s house dealing with health insurance, medical appointments, etc.  So, five an a half our of my eight days off were spent doing less than exciting, non-break-like things.  I have tomorrow to finish it up.  My plan is to go to church in the morning, play a little in the park after church (the weather is amazing here right now), and then try to do all the grading that I did not get done this past week done.  I have a bit of cleaning up to do around the house tonight, but my focus needs to be on catching up for work.  Sigh…