My “Stop Doing List”

Danielle LaPorte recently published a “Celebration of The Stop Doing List”.  I have decided that I definitely love the idea of a Stop Doing List and trying to make it as long as my To-Do List!  Or maybe even longer!  So, here goes my first attempt at the Stop Doing List:

  1. Feeling inadequate because I can’t “do it all” all the time.  Go with what I can do and be satisfied with it.
  2. Spending money BEFORE I have it.
  3. Eating out instead of cooking my own meals.
  4. Not sleeping enough.
  5. Overscheduling myself, especially to do things I do not really want to do.
  6. Refusing to ask for help until I am completely over my head with things.
  7. Feeling like I have to be doing something all. the. time.
  8. Skipping things I really do want to do because I have “too much to do”.

This is just a start, of course.  Oh, one more:

9.  Not blogging because I don’t have something important enough to say or I can’t say it perfectly!

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