Taking on a Mini-Challenge!

Life is a mess 1


You might remember this picture from my post “Life is Messy” a few months back.  I am happy to say that my living room does not look nearly this bad as I type this.  The glass table top broke about a month ago, so the table went away (freecycled the frame and the larger glass piece is in the back of our truck waiting for a dump run – if there is something else to do with large glass pieces, I would love to know…recycling?).  This has cut down on the amount of clutter quite a bit (it was really just a landing strip for stuff).  But, there are still toys and blankets and legos and such strewn across the floor in limited numbers.  I have a pile of bedding to be folded and put away in one of the chairs and a basket of clothes, already folded, to be taken upstairs and put away.  I have some piles of papers on the dining room table and a bunch of boxes of stuff, including some Christmas stuff, in the garage to sort through and put away for the year.  My life has so. much. stuff. in it!  Some of it is necessary for the time being (legos are just something I’m sure we will deal with for years to come).  Other stuff could easily go away though and I want to jump start that effort this week by using Mary Organizes’ Mini De-Clutter Challenge Spring Edition challenge!

It seems pretty simple.  Starting tomorrow, I will find 10 things I can declutter from my home.  Throw away or give away or even getting it out to sell (although this will be a last resort since I often end up holding on to that stuff instead of actually selling it).  This will continue for six days – so sixty items total.

I am also determined to participate in our local area’s baby and children consignment sale this next weekend.  I have been holding on to stuff (I did get rid of some of it, so less sales for me, but I began to doubt I would ever do it) and need to organize, wash, iron, hang and tag all of it by Thursday.  I ordered a tagging gun and I’m going to start this afternoon.  I am not going to count any of those clothes towards the 60 items though as I don’t know if they will sell and they will come back for the next sale if they do not.  So, safer not to count them.

But, if I can do the sale and the sixty items, I will be in much better shape space-wise this time next week.  We shall see.

Anyone else doing some decluttering?  Link up in the comments!  I would love to see what you’re doing!