Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thought Sundays

This week was a long one.  I was in three different states on Monday (flying back from Michigan) and was far, far behind when I returned from almost a week away.  But, I had to jump right back into things with an event for 200+ being hosted at my work yesterday.  The year is almost over…I just have to keep telling myself that as I try to dig myself out of the deep hole of to-dos that the end of the semester brings.  But, I do have some stray thoughts to share:

One week ago, I was with my Speech and Debate team at NFA Nationals, Eastern Michigan University.  Although these trips are long and sometimes difficult, they create exceptional memories:

NFA Nationals 2014 - Water's Great       Motown Museum - Detroit 2014 NFA Nats

When I’m at home, I watch primarily Netflix with a bit of Amazon Prime mixed in, so commercials are not really in the mix anymore.  But, while staying in Michigan last weekend, I watched a bit of TV in the hotel.  One of the things I watched was a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and the commercials were all tear-jerkers.  Many movies can’t get to this level of connection.  Check them out if you want some sentimentality in your day!

I questioned this hot dog recall on the grounds that it was just giving consumers a little bonus surprise!

This gem, reminding of us of the importance of using proper English, made me laugh.

One of my favorite blogs, Kindness Blog, had this “greatest hits” post that reminds us “Human Beings are all kinds of Awesome-sauce”.

As the mom of a heart transplant recipient, I have to highlight this amazing effort by Ellen DeGeneres to help a little boy and get the word out about organ donation.  April is organ donation month.  So, please get registered if you have not already done so.

Those are my stray thoughts for this Sunday.  What are yours?

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