Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #16 – Summer Edition


Welcome to Thumbs Up Thursday…I finished at one of my jobs for Spring semester today and only have a couple of weeks left at my other job and then its official:  “School’s out for SUMMER!”  So, I thought I would dedicate this Thumbs Up Thursday to summer.

First Thumbs Up goes to spray on sunscreen!

spray on sunscreen

And when I think about it, it is strange that I would pick this because Bean won’t let me actually spray it on her, so I have to spray it on my hand and then put it on her (which is probably safer than spraying it at her).  So, it really isn’t any different than the lotion stuff usage-wise, but for some reason I just like it a lot better.  First off, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as messy as lotion.  And second, it is nice and cool when you spray it, unlike the lotion that gets hot on sunny days in my bag.  Finally, it just seems cooler to me.  So, there ya go.

With the 90 degree weather we’ve been having for the past few days we’ve definitely busted out the sunscreen early this year!

Lipton Iced Tea Bags 


It is the simple things in life right?  These babies save me a ton of money each and every day.  We make multiple pitchers in a day usually and if we had to buy iced teas out all the time, we would go broke just drinking iced teas!

Dakaro Sangiovese Wine

2012 Dakaro Sangiovese

I tried this last night at our local wine bar, “Wine Time” and I loved it!  And it is really reasonably priced.  Definitely will be drinking it again!

There is a lot right now that I would give a thumbs down to (its been one of THOSE days), but I will hold on to the positives and leave it at that!

What would you give a thumbs up to today?

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