A Bloglovin Blog Hop

Happy Kids, Inc.
When Google Reader went the way of Google Wave (anyone remember that…yeah, I was part of that failed effort as well, but never became really attached to it), I was crushed.  I loved my Google Reader and had become accustomed to having a “feed” of blogs rather than having all those annoying email reminders when posts went live.  I looked around and even tried a few other feed readers.  For a while, I was pretty smitten with Feedly, but it just never really felt at “home” for me to be following blogs there.  Then, I found Bloglovin! And I fell in love!  It offered much of what was great about Google Reader, but I liked the layout of the reader even better!
I am now following numerous blogs through Bloglovin and have listed my own blog through them.  So, when I saw this Bloglovin Blog Hop over at Happy Kids Inc., I knew I had to join up!  If your blog is on Bloglovin, you too can join the hop!  And if you haven’t tried Bloglovin as a reader, I strongly encourage you to give it a try!  You too could be (Blog)lovin’ it soon!