Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

Long weekend, longing for more energy.

In the US, we are celebrating Memorial Day.  Historically speaking, this is a holiday to celebrate and recognize those who have and currently serve our country in the Armed Forces.  In today’s reality, it is a weekend of big sales and short trips to kick off summer.  Sad, but true.  I mean, there are some people who still visit the cemetery on Monday (something I remember doing as a young person) and/or go to parades or other events that are truly in the spirit of the holiday, but most (myself included most years) simply enjoy an extra Monday off and view it as the first real weekend of summer.  I may try to find something to attend on Monday that is more in recognition of the real reason for the holiday, but we shall see.

I am tired.  We had a BBQ at our house last night and we were up late and I accidentally left a small candle burning in the bathroom and when it finally burnt itself out this morning, the smoke from it going out set off our fire alarm in the hallway next to the bathroom.  I am obviously lucky there were not worse consequences, but I basically ended up getting only about five hours of sleep last night and then we left this morning for my mom’s house and are staying here tonight.  I never sleep terribly well here and it is warm and her house doesn’t have AC, so it makes it especially unlikely to serve up a good night’s sleep.  Maybe I’m so tired that it won’t matter and I will be able to sleep.  We’ll see.

I want to have lots of energy and live life to its fullest.  I talked about this being the summer of Desire, Passion and Joy.  I have a desire to simplify things, but I also would like to energize things.  Simplify and energize!  I like it.  I have a lot of words…Desire, Passion, Joy, Simplify, Energize.  One more word and maybe I have my Six Word Saturday for next week!

What about you?  How are you spending Memorial Day weekend?


3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday”

  1. Memorial Day weekend for me came at the end of my teaching year. So, I woke up cranky and tired. Sadly, I stayed that way through the entire weekend. 😦 I hope yours rewarded you with the energy that you crave.


    1. So with you on the cranky and tired. I finished my last final today and have a bit of grading to do before I can truly enjoy my summer months. Hope yours has gotten a bit better!


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