Financial Fridays – From “Red Dread” to “Cred Bread”?


The time has come to overcome procrastination and “rather not deal with it right now” and “don’t have the finances to deal with it right now” and just get ‘er done!  I am over being anxious and embarrassed and just plain tired when it comes to our finances.  So, I’m going to take the bull by the horns, buckle down and make this the summer of money woes be gone.

I don’t know exactly how this is going to work – or if it will work – but it has to get better rather than worse if I focus my attention on it for three months and really get my act together financially.  So, the three things I see as necessary to do at this beginning point is:

1.  Get a full and complete list of money owed, including (1) taxes, (2) meds and (3) past due items.  Prioritize and start paying them off one-by-one as money becomes available.

2. Get on a strict budget for the summer months.  Nothing extra without the money coming from somewhere other than our budget.  Beans, rice and basics is all we get this summer.  Every extra bit of extra money goes toward paying off debt, bills, etc.

3. Make extra money in any way possible and as much as possible, putting it all towards debt, bills, etc.

If I can do these three things and seriously be stubborn about it, I think I can end the summer in a much better place than I will start the summer (which is a pretty crappy place).

So, what’s the impetus?  Well, we had our debit card hacked this past week by someone who then spent about $1000 on it in one day.  And although the bank stopped it there and the money was back in our account as of this morning, it still made me realize just how totally unprepared we are for an emergency.  In addition, our renter for our condo that we own gave notice last month.  Luckily, they were able to rent it immediately and for slightly more every month, but if we had to go a month or two without that income, we would be in bad, bad shape.  And if anything goes wrong with the place majorly (e.g. AC or something) we have no money saved up for the repairs.  That is not a good place to be.  We don’t have a reserve, an emergency fund, a backup plan.  It just is not good.

So, the summer will be “get it together time” and the Fall will be “build it up (emergency fund) time” and then hopefully next Spring can be “save and plan time”.  I will be a much more secure and happier person if I can get all this financial stuff taken care of once and for all and feel like a responsible and stable person.

I will need some encouragement, I fear.  I will need some support.  I will need some straight talk – Dave Ramsey style – I assume.  I need to stop the “stupid tax” and start being as smart with my money as I am smart!  I need to move from this state of “red” in our finances that I dread to a place where I am a credible manager of our income – or bread.  Hence the title. Anyone with me?  Maybe we can ride this road to responsibility together?

Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #16 – Summer Edition


Welcome to Thumbs Up Thursday…I finished at one of my jobs for Spring semester today and only have a couple of weeks left at my other job and then its official:  “School’s out for SUMMER!”  So, I thought I would dedicate this Thumbs Up Thursday to summer.

First Thumbs Up goes to spray on sunscreen!

spray on sunscreen

And when I think about it, it is strange that I would pick this because Bean won’t let me actually spray it on her, so I have to spray it on my hand and then put it on her (which is probably safer than spraying it at her).  So, it really isn’t any different than the lotion stuff usage-wise, but for some reason I just like it a lot better.  First off, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as messy as lotion.  And second, it is nice and cool when you spray it, unlike the lotion that gets hot on sunny days in my bag.  Finally, it just seems cooler to me.  So, there ya go.

With the 90 degree weather we’ve been having for the past few days we’ve definitely busted out the sunscreen early this year!

Lipton Iced Tea Bags 


It is the simple things in life right?  These babies save me a ton of money each and every day.  We make multiple pitchers in a day usually and if we had to buy iced teas out all the time, we would go broke just drinking iced teas!

Dakaro Sangiovese Wine

2012 Dakaro Sangiovese

I tried this last night at our local wine bar, “Wine Time” and I loved it!  And it is really reasonably priced.  Definitely will be drinking it again!

There is a lot right now that I would give a thumbs down to (its been one of THOSE days), but I will hold on to the positives and leave it at that!

What would you give a thumbs up to today?

Motivational Mondays

Motivational Monday #1 – I need this…


This is what I’m feeling like today.  I think my allergies are acting up (or I’m getting sick…so I prefer it to be allergies at this point), the pediatrician called today and the renal ultrasound we had done on Bean last week shows a thickening in her bladder (which could be the cause OR the effect of her recent UTIs) so we now have to go and see a urologist for her (by the time she turns 18 there may not be a type of specialist she HASN’T seen), I am still far behind in my grading considering all of my finals at one of my jobs are tomorrow and the others are in a short couple of weeks, and my house is a complete disaster, with piles in almost every room and just plain dirt and dust where there aren’t piles (and probably under said piles in all honesty), I have a bunch of laundry to do (how?  I feel like I’ve been doing laundry non-stop and I keep getting close to being done, then BAM it is all back again, piled up on our garage floor).  So, in short, I am feeling like Monday has me beat and I need some motivation in my life.  So, I’ve decided instead of Management Monday, I’m going to do a Motivational Monday with my favorite motivational pins from the past few weeks.  Enjoy – and if you need it, I hope you find some motivation here!



Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday- Grateful

Five Minute Friday

This week’s 5 minute Friday is a good one for me since I’m not feeling very grateful this week.  It has been a rough one that I am glad to see come to an end, but also know that some of the bad will continue to linger on in the short term.  But, even in the midst of this less-than-joyful week, I need to find something to be grateful for…and I can.  Here goes:

I am grateful that we have such great health insurance.  This week, Bean was diagnosed with her third UTI in about four months and we had to get a renal ultrasound done this morning to make sure there isn’t something going on structurally.  Cost for this: $0.  Her pediatrician appointment was $15 and her antibiotic was $5.  Without this great of insurance, we would certainly be in a world of hurt with the last five years of medical expenses.  So, I am very, very grateful for that.  And it is a big reason I do not want to leave my job in the near future.  Making more money at the cost of having to pay more for all these medical procedures (or having to deal with an insurance company every time a charge came up) would be miserable and not really worth it in the end.

I am also grateful for my summer off.  I am exhausted.  I feel like this has been a really tough semester – fast-moving, too much to do the whole time, and no real breaks.  I realize that the summer is such a great recharging opportunity for me and I’m looking forward to enjoying it.  I am so glad I have multiple weeks to fit in fun and rest and time with Bean as opposed to just two weeks off like most people get.

I am grateful for having enthusiastic students this semester.  I’ve really had some great students in my classes and on the team and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them better.  I feel like this was one of my better semesters despite it being too fast-moving.  I hope my students felt the same way.

Finally, I am grateful to have multiple sources of income.  This is a tough month financially and without all the different sources of income we have coming in, it would be even more tough.  I often focus only on the shortness of money, which there is plenty of always, but there is also plenty of opportunity for us to play catch up.  I am thankful for that.

So, there you have it.  All the things I am thankful for.  Now, if I can just get myself organized for summer so I don’t feel like I waste it all away but I also feel rested at the end of it.