Summer, summer, summer…

I need to get a post DONE!  I have so many drafts in my file that I start and don’t finish and then it leaves me without a post on this blog for days at a time.  I have great ideas and even some quality writing, but if I never get it done and posted than no one gets to enjoy it.  So, today, I’m just going to get a post up.  It may not be perfect.  It may not be something different and intriguing, but it will be a post.

Today is what I will consider our first day of officially being on summer break.  This is our first week without preschool (DD graduated last weekend, but still had four days of school to follow).


So, today is a pretty lazy day.  We were going to make it a pajama day, but we had a rental car this weekend and have to return it this morning, so I will have to actually get dressed after all…bummer.  It is projected to be about 104 today here, so staying inside in the AC and not doing much seems like a great plan to me.  I do want to get the house cleaned up a bit more than it  currently is (it isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great).  I would also like to plan out some things for summer – I feel aimless right now and I hate that feeling.  So, perhaps I will print out a calendar and start filling it in with the things we plan to do.

This week we have to go (back) to my mom’s on Wednesday.  We were planning on going there for a trip to Discovery Kingdom with her preschool teacher and another preschool family anyways, but it turns out my mom has her CAT scan that day, so to help my sister out, we’re going to take her to that so my sister doesn’t have to drive down to take her.  We can still do plenty at Discovery Kingdom because Bean only really lasts a few hours before getting totally worn out anyways.  Bean is excited to see if she has grown enough since last summer to ride a few other rides (the Killer Whale ride pictured below is her biggest goal right now).  I’m not sure she has, but we’ll see.

killer whale ride

From there, we will head to my in-laws in Bakersfield for a few days.  We haven’t been there as a family (my DH and DD have gone down alone a couple of times while I was traveling for work) in a while, so it should be a good visit.  Although I am not looking forward to the heat.  But, it isn’t like it won’t be hot hear at home, so it isn’t really that big of a difference.

I want this summer to be one that at the end I think, “Wow, that was a great summer break!”  Last year I ended it with a great vacation, but not the feeling that the whole summer break was good.  A lot of last summer was spent dealing with my father’s illness and that made it less enjoyable.  This summer, I was hoping for a break from medical issues, but we still have to wait on finalizing that since my mom has the CAT scan that will tell us whether the radiation treatments she received worked to stall out her tumor growth. So, we shall see.

Other than that, I have swim lessons scheduled and VBS both starting June 23.  My daughter is also doing some summer day camps at her old preschool – three or four weeks of those.  I am trying to keep her busy or I’m afraid we will both drive each other crazy…and she doesn’t need to spend all day every day with the neighborhood kids.  I love that she has neighborhood kids to play with, but some of them are a bit older than her and I think they teach her some bad habits at times.  I try to think of these as learning opportunities since she is starting school next year and will have plenty of potential bad influences around that she will have to navigate, but it would get a little tiring day after day after day.

What about you?  What summer plans do you have?