Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Messenger

Five Minute Friday


I am participating in Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday today.  I’ve missed this one lately.  I love the five minute Friday because it is COMPLETE in five minutes.  No matter what.  No pressure.  No necessary number of items.  No photos needed if they aren’t, well, needed.  It is what I need in my life.  Limits and deadlines!  Anyways, this week’s prompt is “messenger”.  Take it away writing muscles…

Messenger is a tough one.  At first all I could think of was a messenger bag.  But, the 5 Minute Friday is focused on the messages we receive.  I receive messages everywhere.  I’ve been trying to be more attuned to finding the messages, but I know I still miss them quite a bit.  I think, for me, messengers come in many forms and sometimes I discount the message because of the way I receive it.  For example, I think I receive a lot of messages through what, for lack of a better word, I will call “gut feelings”.  I think that those gut feelings are really messages from our more “connected” selves.  Connected being open.  Open to receiving messages, to knowing what we know and listening to God, or if you don’t believe in God, your intuition (I personally think that God provides me with my intuition, but that’s just me).

Messengers can sometimes come in total strangers or songs or such.  If you are open, you can start to see messages in a lot of things.  But, it is important to really consider whether the message is one that is being sent or one that you are looking for so hard that you find it even when it isn’t there.  So, although we need to be open, we also need to be discerning.

So, there is my five minutes of writing on messenger.  Want to join in?  Pop in over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s and add your post!