Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

Seven weeks of single parenthood starts today!

In recognition of the difficulty of single parents everywhere, I do realize that my husband traveling for work is NOT the same as being a full-time single parent.  I also realize that you all do God’s work in the life of your children, being their everything all the time.

But, today begins my annual foray into temporary single parenthood.  My husband works camps during the summer and is gone for seven weeks usually.  This year, he will spend the first three relatively nearby (three hours) and then the next four half way across the country (Michigan).  We are considering going out for a visit while he is in Michigan, but that hasn’t been finalized yet.  This has been our “normal” since before Bean was born.  The year she had her transplant, he had to fly back from Michigan for the actual transplant (we were expecting a much longer wait for a heart and we knew we would need the income), so it is nothing new to us, but it still hits me hard every year.

So, it will be me who will have to entertain her endlessly (it seems), clean up after her (endlessly for sure), transport her to the activities we have planned (swim lessons, camps, etc. – if not for these, the first duty would drive me insane), sleep with her, eat with her, give her meds twice a day, etc.  At first, it doesn’t seem all that bad.  She is only one child after all.  Many people have two or three or four or five.  We don’t do too many activities, so my transporting is relatively limited.  But, sometimes, her energy drives me to the brink of exhaustion.  Her constant questioning and challenges drive me to the brink of of insanity.  Her ability to make messes in a split second and NOT clean them up drives to the brink of anger.  And her typical five year old lack of focus is a real challenge.  But, we’ll get through.  I will do my best to not feel bad if she complains of being “bored” every once in a while.  I have a schedule that will allow us to do some fun stuff, some educational stuff and some relaxing stuff each day.  I will do my best to stick to that schedule despite my tendency to let it go to the wayside too often.

So, here’s to summer.  I am happy about the no work, but also not looking forward to the temporary single parenthood status.

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