Happy Heart Day #5

I thought in honor of my DD’s heart day (the day she received her heart transplant and was given her second chance at life, only five short months after being born), I would take a photographic walk through the last five heart days…and, as always, her donor family is in my heart and mind today.

July 8, 2009 - heart day pic

Because she spent most of July 7 in surgery, I don’t have any pictures.  But, here she is on the morning of July 8, with the myriad of medications and the bandages on her chest (they read 7/7/09 as they mark each bandage with the date it was placed).  She was giving what some said was her “I’m #1” hand signal.  🙂

Here she is after our big one year “Transplantiversary” where we had balloons, cake and friends over.

Transplantiversary #1

And, heart birthday #2 at my in-laws in Bakersfield…she grows so much each year:

Heart Birthday #3 (day after)

And heart birthday #3 in 2012:

Heart Day #3

And last year:

heart day 2013

And finally, here she is five years post transplant, with one additional heart surgery and many, many biopsies and a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, a ton of X-rays, IV pokes, blood draws, a few bouts of pneumonia, and a whole lot of other things.  But, she is thriving and she brings so much joy to my life!  Please send some prayers to the donor family and please register to donate your organs if you have not already done so!



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