(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


We spent this weekend at my mom’s house.  We went to Fairyland in Oakland, CA and it was fantastic. It is the perfect place for 3 – 6 year olds.  Everything is made for THEM.  Such an unusual thing to be where literally everything is designed to be enjoyed by littles.  Bean loved it.  She definitely wants to go back again and use her key to “open more stories”.  We saw a puppet show, rode on two carousels, slid down a big slide (which did scare her a bit), went in the whale’s mouth (pic below), met a bunch of animals and listened to a lot of stories.  Can not recommend this place enough if you have littles in your life!  So much to do!



We also watched Discovery Kingdom fireworks from the Costco parking lot in Vallejo.  It was definitely an interesting experience as there were a number of amateur fireworks shows happening in the parking lot with some quite loud and quite large fireworks!  But, it was fun and we had a good time.  

Overall, it was a great visit with my mom.  We will be returning on Monday night, but this visit is much more medically oriented, with a nephrology appointment on Tuesday, heart clinic on Wednesday, infusion clinic for a blood draw with my mom on Thursday and then a talk with an auxiliary group on Friday who raises funds for Lucile Packard Hospital.  Busy, busy, busy!