Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth – Kids Eat Free Isn’t Free and Other Money Truths


tuesday truth

So, tonight’s Tuesday Truth focuses on money.  I went to Applebee’s tonight with my 5 yo.  Mostly because it was kids eat for 99 cents night.  And, although that is a great price, and they have a face painter and magician and Wii and board games for the kids, I have to pay for my own meal.  And a tip.  And, of course, I needed an iced tea to get through the dinner.  So, it ends up not being that great of a deal in the end.  It is a great deal if you were planning on going to dinner and paying full price, but otherwise, it is costly.  I know these money truths deep inside, but I still get taken in by the “deals”.  I often have to remind myself of the truth behind the hype.  

Another example of this is couponing.  I’ve tried the semi-extreme couponing.  I would take HOURS preparing for a shopping trip, buy a bunch of stuff we don’t use/won’t eat in our household and then get those “catalinas” or “extra bucks” and promptly forget that I had them until well after the expiration deadline, meaning I actually spent way more money on a bunch of stuff I didn’t eat/use.  Sigh.  So, I’ve decided that I will only use coupons for things we usually buy without the coupon.  I feel like at that point, I am saving some money that I would otherwise be spending.  

Everyone always says there is no free lunch and although I don’t think that is true (I’ve won a few free lunches or people have paid for my lunch), I do think it is a good to question every deal to make sure it is really a “deal” and not a “take”.  I’m not very good at this myself.  Obviously, from my $16 dinner at Applebee’s tonight (after an additional 10% discount because of where I work).  I had plenty of food at home, but thought I could get out of there for $10 or less with Bean eating for 99 cents.  No such luck…But, she got her face painted and had a great time.  But, we could have accomplished that for free at the park.

Truth Taken…What is your Tuesday Truth this week?