Vacation Edition 2014 – Fort Bragg CA


For those of you who don’t recognize that house, it is Jessica Fletcher’s house from Murder She Wrote. I took this picture this week while exploring Mendocino.  It is now on my bucket list to actually stay overnight in the Bed and Breakfast that is now located there – The Blair House. We had a lovely week of vacation in Fort Bragg (and outwards up and down the coast each day) and the weather was beautiful.  We are now back to the 90 degree heat and home.  I have the weekend to get my life together before Bean starts Kindergarten (!) and I have next week before I start teaching again.  So, what would it mean to “have my life together”?  Excellent question.  I’m not sure of the answer, but here are some things I have as goals:

1.  Have a clean and organized house to start the school year.  

I am in “post-vacation chaos” right now.  Lots of laundry to do, putting some areas back together after the rush of last minute packing of things we almost forgot, etc.  The house isn’t a huge mess though and I think it can come together relatively easily and fast.  I just want to start the new year with clean spaces so that #2 will work better.

2.  Have routines in place for maintaining house, work and sanity.

This will quite possibly be the biggest challenge.  I am so bad at sticking to routines.  But, I know that I am in desperate need of them.  I need routines to keep the mornings less stressful, I need routines to keep my daughter sane and rested in the afternoons (she tends to want to go, go, go and if I don’t have something set, I can’t convince her to rest, eat or anything else on a schedule).  I need routines in the evening so we get to bed at a decent hour and have everything done that needs to be done instead of me trying to stay up all hours finishing whatever it was that didn’t get done during the day.  It will also help with the nights I’m teaching to keep things on track around here. 

3.  Menu planning

I have resisted this with all the fibers of my being.  I don’t know why.  I guess because I often feel unmotivated to cook whatever it is that I’ve planned so I find it less guilt-inducing to just not plan anything.  But, with our schedule, needing lunches for school for Bean and trying to save money, I feel I can no longer resist.  I just need to be totally realistic.  Easy and fast foods that don’t require a lot of prep.  Keeping it simple so both my husband and Bean will eat it and I will also be able to make it (or he can make it on the nights I’m teaching).  So, I’m hitting my Pinterest boards and the Kraft Food and Family magazine and I’m doing a plan.  

So, what’s your plan for back to school this year?  Or are you even impacted by back-to-school?  

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