Weirdness and Worry: My Monday Madness

I can’t think of better words to describe my Monday to you.  Weirdness and Worry.  And lots of it.  I’m not sure how much detail to provide, but here is a tweet that covers half the day and you can decide whether you want to read the in-depth description from there.

And yes, that was only half the day.  The other half, which is bleeding into Tuesday is my mom’s been in the Emergency Room since around 7 p.m. (it is now 11:40 p.m.).  She has had recurring pain that sounds like gall stones to me, but they are waiting for blood results and a CAT scan to come back as she also has cancerous lesions on her liver they are managing with medication (after many chemo and even radiation treatments) and some history of kidney problems.  So, I’m waiting to hear what they find and making plans to have to miss work and basically upend my life for a while if she goes in the hospital for any amount of time.

But, I skipped the first part of the day…

Today was my DD’s 50th day of Kindergarten, so they had 50s day and I went to help out with their fun activities that they had planned (progressive party where kids went to each of five Kinder/1st grade rooms and did a fun project there for 30 minutes before moving to the next classroom).  My DD had a substitute (that was planned and I was asked to stay a bit longer today to help through lunch with the activities).  All started out relatively normally.  My DD dressed up:

2014-10-27 08.16.23

I came at 8:30 to help out.  The first group of students lined up to depart the room to go to the other rooms and that is when I saw the police car across the street from campus, lights flashing.  But, it looked like a traffic stop, so I didn’t think much about it.  The group of students left (my DD’s group stayed in our classroom, thankfully – God was looking out for her I think) and some others arrived from the other classes and we started the craft…and then the loud speaker buzzed and the principal’s voice came over and said we were on a “Code Red” and needed to lock all doors and remain in our rooms until further notice.  In this day of school shootings what seems like every week, this is not a pleasant feeling.  The students were fine.  I don’t even think they noticed at first.  But, the substitute was, of course, a bit anxious and needed to look for the information on what a Code Red was and what to do.  We were supposed to close the curtains, but there were no curtains on the window and the police car was right out there.  Police officer with gloves on, going through a vehicle across the street from the school.

So, time marches on and after what feels like forever (but really only about 45 minutes) my DD says she needs to go to the bathroom.  Now, she takes Lasix in the morning, which is a diuretic and about an hour to an hour and a half after she takes it, she doesn’t just have to pee, she has to pee a river.  So, I knew this wasn’t good.  She held it for a while.  Probably another 20 minutes or so, but then she just couldn’t hold it any longer and she peed all over a chair and the floor and her legs and her cute 50s dress.  The other students were listening to a story being read, so most of them didn’t take notice really.  I cleaned it up with Lysol wipes and had her clean herself up as much as possible, but she was crying and I felt horrible and there was no. where. to. go.  Luckily, the code was lifted within 5-10 minutes and I was able to run her home, get her a change of clothes and head back to school before their snack/recess ended.  The sub asked me to stay since they were going to try to finish up some of the other activities before and after lunch and there was a Sock Hop/Root Beer Float party in the multi-purpose room for the last 1/2 hour of school planned.  So, I stayed.  After lunch, my DD informed me she had had another accident.  This is  a big red flag for a UTI, which she has had six of in the last year.  She was very upset at the prospect of going home to change and missing the sock hop, so I texted my husband and had him bring her a change of clothes and we were able to get her changed and back in time for the sock hop.  I then helped make and serve 100 mini rootbeer floats to Kinder and 1st graders.  The whole day was exhausting.

But, it was not over.  I had had my husband call the pede to get an appointment and we went there an hour after school.  It took a while for DD to pee again, but sure enough there was “a lot” of blood in the urine and it was positive for bacteria.  It will be cultured, but they started her on antibiotics again (she just came off of them for the same reason a week ago).   Tonight was pretty rough on her.  Pain while urinating, blood in the urine, frequent feelings of needing to urinate an accident or two more.  I feel bad for her.  She is asleep now and has only woke up once, so I’m hoping the medicine kicks it quickly (it usually does) and she feels better tomorrow.

So, yeah – that was my Monday.  I’m still waiting to hear from my sister as to whether they are admitting my mom or what is going on.  I would not be surprised if they did admit her.  She had to have two IV bags of fluids (I ask her about her fluid intake all the time, but she always says she drinks “a lot”) and they had given her morphine for the pain earlier but it had worn off and she sounded miserable.  My sister was also exhausted.  I have to figure out plan B for my classes if I have to take off unexpectedly in the next week or so.  I need to get caught up on grading so it is done and i don’t have that hanging over my head.  It is now 12:20 a.m. on Tuesday and I teach at 8 a.m.  I still have quite a bit of grading to do and I’m not really prepped for tomorrow’s class (all things I planned on doing today after I helped out in DD’s class).  I am starting to feel that familiar overwhelm of doom…its been months since I’ve felt it.  Since my dad passed last January probably.  But, here it is again.

I’m hoping that it turns out to be something they can easily treat with my mom.  I’m also hoping that DD gets over this UTI quickly and keeps them away.  I’m also hoping that I can hold this all together for a couple of more months and Winter break is here and I can relax a bit.  But, who knows if ANY of those things will actually come to fruition.  Right now, I probably just need to sleep for a few hours.  Maybe get up at 5:00 and grade for two hours before work.  I am always more productive in the morning than at night.  And sleep…it is overrated.  And underachieved.

How was your Monday?

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