Tuesday Truth

Tuesday’s Truth

truth is out there

Just sharing some truth this Tuesday with you all!

First, I miss X-Files.  I guess more than the show, I miss the experience that X-Files used to be every week.  We used to all get together and watch it as a group in college.  It was such a great show.  As they say, those were the days…

Second, I strongly feel that the Fall semester should end after the Thanksgiving Break.  I am so over the Fall semester at this point, but I have so much grading left to do.  I’m not doing much more teaching because most of my classes currently consist of presentations/speeches, but the grading.  So. much. grading.  But, I will have it done.  Before the break.  And I will take a break from teaching stuff for a couple of weeks before the Winter session!  I will!  I will!  I will!  (sorry, trying to convince myself).

Third, the internet has destroyed my capacity to focus.  How about you?

Speaking of which, I need to get back to work!  I have a house guest coming in tomorrow and my house is kind of a mess and then…there is that grading thing…

1 thought on “Tuesday’s Truth”

  1. I agree about fall break ending. My youngest son chose to go to college many states away, so we fly him back and forth. We flew him back for two weeks after Thanksgiving and he will come after that for the Christmas break. That seems like a waste to me.


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