Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Sick Edition – A Day Late

Daughter sick, pajama day at home!

I missed doing the Six Word Saturday, so this is better late than never!  🙂

Well, my immune-compromised DD has made it through her first Fall in elementary school with no major illnesses other than a couple of UTIs (which were obviously not given to her by classmates).  But, I think that may have all come to an end today, one week before we are going on the two week Winter break.  She started getting a little stuffy yesterday and today she woke up coughing quite a bit.  She is feeling better now that she has some Tylenol and vapor rub on board and she isn’t laying down letting it all settle in her chest anymore, but I think it will not be so easily gone.  We shall see.

I just really hope she isn’t sick for Christmas!  Fingers crossed it is just a quick thing that she gets rid of fast.

I can deal with the pajama day at home as I’m totally exhausted today after my 12 hour tournament at work yesterday (which went very well, so that was nice…and I could have it worse – my assistant and a TA are at ANOTHER tournament today that they had to drive three hours to get to last night after the 12 hour day, so I’m considering myself pretty lucky today).  And it gives me a chance to do some catching up around the house and with grading after the almost two weeks of house guests we’ve had!


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