Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thought Sundays

I am tired.  I’m thinking about skipping out on church today.  I know it will disappoint my DD, but I just can’t muster up the energy to get dressed, let alone shower, get myself looking decent and go out in public.  Just not feeling it today.  I have days when going out in public seems like a lot of work for me.  I blame it on the fact that my job forces me to interact with close to 100 people each day – and not just in a “hey how are you?” kind of way, but a “let’s teach you something and ask questions and pry out information and deal with problems and overcome barriers” kind of way.  It gets exhausting.  And I don’t have any choice but to interact with my DD and DH on my days off, but sometimes that is enough…or too much.  Today it is just me and my DD because my hubby is off to drive three hours to take his students from last year (he left that job) out to ice cream for the holidays.  Yes.  Three hours to take them out to ice cream, then he will drive back.  Seems ridiculous to me, but I’m not going, so I’m okay with it.  And it means I only have to interact with my daughter, which I have a feeling will be enough today.

Last night I made a really, really tasty dinner!  Can’t recommend it enough.  I found it here and it is, well, simply great!  And so easy.  Crazy easy.  Definitely going to be making it again.  In fact, I bought a box of four Italian dressing mixes at the store last night just for this purpose.

This week on the internets, I found the following interesting/worth sharing:

First, I know that vaccines are a hotbed of controversy, and it is for that reason that I share this type of article.  So disturbing that there are still so many people who do not know that the original study connecting vaccines and autism was faked.

Everything I know/learn about Albert Einstein makes me believe he was an amazing person.  He would definitely be on the top of my “having dinner with a dead person” list.  This information just added to my strong like of him.

If you haven’t got enough of “Let It Go” in your life yet, you are living under a rock.  But here’s another chance, with abundant Christmas lights included!

I had this beauty from Krispy Kreme for lunch one day this week – hey, it had filling.  Like a sandwich!

krispy kreme donut

I want our city to get their own broadband like these others.  It is something I want to seriously look into.

So, there are some of my Stray Thoughts for this week…how about you?  Where has your mind been wondering?