Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Grading Edition


Grading, grading and more grading. Sigh…

Worst part of my job happens once everyone else is heading into rest and relaxation.  I know people who already have their grading finished.   How, I’m not sure.  They may not procrastinate like I do.  Because I don’t really like grading, I put it off.  I love teaching, I love interacting with students, and I even enjoy the CONCEPT of giving them feedback.  I would love to have one-on-one conferences with my students after every assignment and give them suggestions for improving their work, etc.  But, the actual assigning of a grade and reviewing material solely for that purpose (because students are not going to read my feedback now) is just not enjoyable.  But, it is necessary.

I have streamlined my grading by using a lot more rubrics nowadays.  And it helps.  A lot.  I would not be able to grade the volumes of work I am grading this semester without them.  And it is my hope to have all the grading done by tomorrow or Tuesday and go into the holiday with nothing hanging over my head.  But, realistically, I will probably have some things not quite done by then.  We shall see.