Twis the Night Before Christmas…


Well, tomorrow is our fifth Christmas with that little miss in the picture.  And it is quite amazing that my mom, also in the picture, is here for it.  I cherish the time that Bean gets to spend with her Grandma because my mom’s cancer is a constant threat.  She is not feeling well much of the time.  Almost constant nausea (she has cancer around the duodenum area and I think that causes her a lot of discomfort), badly hurting back, and she has horrible anxiety and weakness.  But, she is with us.  She gets to do a puzzle with Bean, drive around and see Christmas lights with us, etc.  We have never been a family strong on tradition or celebration, but with a daughter and mother who, in many ways, really should not be here (20 or 30 years ago, neither of them would be – cancer treatments and heart transplants have come a long way in that time), I feel like it is of the utmost importance to celebrate what we can when we can.  My Christmas could be prettier, cleaner and less frustrating, but it could also be a whole lot lonelier.  I’ll take the mess and the frustration and the exhaustion.  So, my Christmas gift is captured in that picture above.  Tomorrow we will focus on gift giving and receiving and eating, but I will try to focus on the gifts we’ve already been given.