Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday is on Vacation!


Well, Five Minute Friday is on vacation for two weeks, so I’ll be winging it alone today (but if you’re looking for a good Friday meme for your blog, check out the link above and you can start to participate in the new year).  I’m just going to write for the five minutes and not focus on any one topic.  It will get a post done!

The day after Christmas is always hard for me – anyone else like that?   There is so much build up to the big day and then BAM! its over!  I mean, we still have our tree lit up and our outside lights on and all the decorations up, but there is no more anticipation.  Only dealing with the aftermath.  Where to put everything.  How to deal with the mess as efficiently as possible.  How to eat all the leftovers we brought home before we leave for the in-laws on Monday.  What to do about resolutions for the next year – should I set them?  Should I skip them?  Should I choose a word of the year?  Whether to get a new planner for the new year or face the fact that I’m just not very good about using them.  If I get one, how do I make sure I use it?  Should that me one of my resolutions?  Should I just stick with my Google Calendar and call it a day?

So, yeah, I’m feeling a little let down (Christmas is never as cool as it should be after the month long build up from Thanksgiving…its like a movie that starts advertising too early and by the time it gets released you’re kind of sick of it).  My mom isn’t feeling great and I’m worried about her.  I’m not looking forward to being gone for a week (even though I do enjoy visiting my in-laws – it is just hard to leave for a whole week and especially right before starting to teach a Winter Session I’ve never taught before).  I’m disappointed that I am STILL grading.  I had such high hopes of having my grades in before Christmas.  Now, I’m just aiming to get them done before the new year.

Anyways, there it is – five minutes or so of random writing for this Friday after Christmas.  What about you?  How are you feeling today?  Are you someone who loves the after-Christmas shopping or after-Christmas relaxation or are you like me, you miss the anticipation and feel a little let down by the whole thing?

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