Countdown to 2015 – THREE!


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That’s right…three days left until 2015.

I feel like I may be getting sick.  I’m hoping it will pass, but we shall see.

Today’s focus on the countdown is going to be to start participating in a new link up to help me focus on my goals and wishes for 2015.  “My Weekly Wishes” over at The Nectar Collective.  I like the idea of having some weekly goals and some follow up with my followers (and myself).  As I said yesterday, my word for 2015 is “recalibrate” and my phrase is “Less screen in 2015.”  One of the recalibrations I would like to do is building more of a focus outward instead of on myself.  I’ve noticed my DD sometimes acts very selfish and although it has something to do with the season, I feel like our whole family is a little too focused on “getting” things and “wanting” things and not nearly focused enough on others.  So, I would like to recalibrate myself to set an example for my family.

I need some to institute some projects for myself and my family.  This post has some good ideas in which kids can easily participate.  I am also going to check out the ideas over at Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  If you have some good ideas to share, please let me know in the comments.

The second recalibration I would like to focus my efforts on is reading books.  I am so ready to settle in with some books and read them all the way to the end (currently I find myself part way through a lot of books, never finishing them – I just wait too long in between reading them and it seems to difficult to get back into the story).   As soon as I finish grading (which will hopefully be tomorrow, but at the latest Tuesday), I plan on starting  Inferno (Robert Langdon) by Dan Brown.  I LOVED Angels & Demons: A Novel (Robert Langdon) and The Da Vinci Code, so I’m really hoping that this ends up being the perfect book to get me enthusiastically reading again!  I have a long list of books to read on my Kindle app on my iPad and even a few on my old Nook (yes, I have a lot of ways to read books considering how little I actually read them as of late), so I’m hoping the next five days will really be the shot in the arm my reading needs to get recalibrated once again!

So, Kindness and Reading.  Two more of my goals in 2015.

Looking forward to tracking my progress in My Weekly Wishes in 2015 as well!