Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday


Everyone is sick and I’m exhausted!

The last ten days have been a $#%*storm.  Last weekend my mom came to visit because it was a year since my dad had died and we didn’t want her to be sitting home alone.  Bean was sick with a cold, running a low grade fever most of the time and then developed an ear infection that landed us in the ER and then back at the pediatrician for a new antibiotic two days later.  She didn’t sleep well the whole time, which means I didn’t sleep well the whole time.  My mom was having stomach issues while here, so no one did much and no one was very happy or comfortable.  My mom went home and immediately got the cold that Bean had and she is now in the hospital with possible pneumonia.  I have been on the verge of illness for the last three days, sleeping multiple hours during the day (which I never, ever do) partially due to not feeling well and partially because I’m simply exhausted.  Totally and absolutely exhausted.

So, I was hoping to spend this weekend recovering somewhat but now I probably will have to go down and see my mom at the hospital or my sister’s house (she is hopefully getting out of the hospital today).  The house is pretty much a mess, I am not prepped for the new semester at my other campus next week and I need to finish grading the Winter Session this weekend.

But, I’m going to take it one step at a time and do what I can do.  I just wish this headache I have would go away.  Far, far away…

What about you?  How is your Saturday looking?

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Date – “If we were having coffee…”

Have I told you how much I love weekly memes?  Well, if not, here I am telling you.  And showing you.  I’ve found another and the links so far in the link list are incredibly fun and interesting!  Its like meeting a bunch of new friends around a table at your favorite local coffee place and getting to know them through their shares.  So. much. fun.  So, I’m doing it.  Welcome to our coffee date #weekendcoffeeshare


Now that I’m full of coffee, let me tell you some things.  First off, I would tell you that I’m a little stressed out.  I’ve been basically working two full time jobs for the last six months and I’m doing it again this Spring semester.  This semester, it is one less class than last, but I taught a Winter Session.  I have found that I like it quite a bit, but I also get really stressed out thinking about it sometimes.  So, my plan was to have everything incredibly organized and my house de-cluttered and be on a good sleeping/eating schedule when the Spring semester started, yada, yada, yada. Now, I’ve basically achieved none of those things and the Spring semester at one campus is only two short days away. I might scream a little (or cry) at that point.

I would then tell you that I am struggling with figuring out how to raise a good person.  I am currently worried that my DD is having too much screen time and not enough character development (I would probably ask if you thought those two things were mutually exclusive).  I would tell you she is actually a pretty wonderful little person, but that I worry sometimes about ruining her…

I would, of course, ask you a few questions about yourself.  Do you have kids?  If yes, how many and what ages?  If no, what do you do with all of your time (wink)?  I would tell you I’m trying to read more and am finishing Inferno by Dan Brown.  I would tell you that in an alternative universe I would be a private investigator or a mystery writer or own a bookstore that sells mystery books.  Or that maybe I would be a librarian and I would host a murder mystery book group each month.

I would ask if we should order another cup of coffee and then I would probably realize that I had done most of the talking.  So, I would see what you have to say, which is what I’m going to do – head over to the links and see what others are saying at this coffee date.  I encourage you to do the same!

Enjoy!  See you for coffee next week, I hope!


Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Work, Work, Work edition


Winter ends, Spring begins next week.

I am woefully unprepared for what the next week will bring (and the week after that).  I’m glad I taught this Winter session class, but I feel like my break went into that cavernous space pictured above (a black hole).  So, next week the Winter session is coming to an end and the Spring semester is getting started at my other campus and on Friday, I’m flying out to Missouri to a tournament.  Then, I come back and the Spring semester starts at the other campus and I have to have those Winter session grades in.

I was feeling relatively on top of things as the Winter session started, but that has quickly faded.  Between grading, prepping for Spring classes, figuring out the long list of things I need to do for the Spring semester for other activities I help with on campus and an added aspect of hiring an intern (who hopefully will help me with all these other activities I have going on so I can focus on teaching and coaching) is really starting to stress me out a bit.

As an added bit of challenge, because all of that is not enough, my DD has a pretty bad cold.  So far, she hasn’t run any big fevers or anything, but she does have a pretty nasty cough and a very stuffy nose.  I probably should have taken her to the pediatrician yesterday, but it was the first day of it and I wasn’t sure it wasn’t allergies because we’ve been having some pretty erratic weather (upper 60s, sunny, then rainy for a day, then back to upper 60s), but now I’m sure it is a cold.  So, I may have to put a visit to the prompt care this weekend as well.  Sigh…she is having to miss the first birthday party a classmate invited her to today, which kind of sucks.  But, such is life.

Anyways, I should get back to grading, prepping and cleaning my total disaster of a house.  I really wanted to start the Spring semester with a clean house and a positive outlook.  But, I think I’ll have to settle for starting the Spring semester.  Period.

How about you?  What’s your weekend looking like?

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Send


I am once again participating the the Five Minute Friday Party over at Kate Motaung. If you would like to join in, just use the prompt, write for five minutes and then post your link over at the party!  It is fun, no pressure to be perfect (in fact it is discouraged) and will get your writing.  Enjoy!


When I see the term send, I immediately think of mail.  Sending packages, etc.  But, in a bigger way, I would like to focus on it as what we put out into the world.  What do we “send” out in to the world on a daily basis?  As a person who works with people day in and day out in a classroom, I’ve realized that people are often unaware of what they are “sending” out to the world.  It is easy to get caught up in our own stuff and not realize that we are actually sending out anything – instead, people think they are the only ones involved, all the while projecting that same stuff onto the world.

I’ve realized that there are people whose simple presence in a room makes me feel better.  And there are people whose simple presence in the world makes me feel worse.  I want to be the former, not the latter, for others.  I have been talking to my Winter Session class about my view of humanity and how I strongly feel that people are inherently good.  Yes, there are those who have problems and commit horrible crimes against others, etc. but on a day-to-day basis, the majority of people we come across are inherently good.  But, sometimes their “stuff” they are carrying around sends out a message of being angry, or mean, or bitter, or rude, or irresponsible, etc.  Sometimes I feel like I give my students too much leeway to make mistakes and recover, but I’ve thought about it and I think what I really need to do is give them leeway with lessons.  So, I think its good to allow students to make mistakes and still recover (by doing assignments late and such), but with that they should be learning a lesson about what it takes to complete something and commit to something.

TIME – That is it.  Not perfect.  Not complete, but five minutes on a Friday!  What about you?

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Not at all wordless Wednesday… (Iate)

books photo 2015 goals

Affiliate links included.

Those are some books in my pile.  I am currently reading Inferno (Robert Langdon)
and enjoying it quite a bit.  I got the next two, The End of Everything: A Novel
and The Mangle Street Murders: The Gower Street Detectives: Book 1 (Gower St Detectives)
at the library this past weekend.  And after reading the reviews of The End of Everything (I picked it up as a random book off the shelf as I was scanning the “A” author fiction shelf) I don’t think I will read it.  Sounds a little dark, and I’m not really looking for dark right now.  So, I will be putting the other one on my priority read list (since it is due the end of January) as I’m hoping to finish Inferno tonight or tomorrow.  I have decided that life is too short

The next three I got at the thrift store and I may be giving those to my mom to read and then she will give them back to me (she has read many more of my books than I have at this point, but she always gives them back to me).  They are The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
which is another book in a series that she has read a couple from and seems to enjoy.  The Sugar Queen (Random House Reader’s Circle)
which I saw on someone’s book list as a good one, so picked it up since it was a hard cover for only $2.  The third is a book called Bobbie Faye’s (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels
which just looked and sounded interesting.  I’m a sucker for book titles and covers and this title definitely got me.  So, there are some books piled up, ready to read.


This Winter Session I’m teaching is really kicking my you-know-what! I’ve been going to bed very early (for me) and getting up very early and I’m still feeling like I’m terribly behind AND now Spring semester is beginning at one of my schools next week and I still have another week of the Winter Session class…holy prep Batman!  But, I’m sure I will get through it and the getting up early is probably good.

Lastly, does Rep. John Boehner have a tanning bed in his office or what?  Sorry – just saw him on the news and he reminds me of George Hamilton…

Boehner Tan The-Very-Tan-George-Hamioton

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Stray Thoughts Sunday – Why I love the library

Brazil Library

That is not our local library (it is a library in Brazil actually, but I loved the decor).  How I wish it was though.  I would definitely be there all. the. time.  I love just about any library though.  It goes way back.  My mom used to take me to the local library once or twice a week when I was little and I remember how immense it felt to me.  I think I loved it then for the same reason I love it now.  It is just so much potential.  There are people and places and things, new skills, ideas, philosophies…I want to read them all.

I remember watching Phenomenon with John Travolta and thinking how many books I could read if I could stay up 24 hours a day.  That was my take away from that movie.

But, I love the library (over places like bookstores, that also offer a load of books) is that it also seems to represent community, non-consumerism and philanthropy.  I don’t know if that is true of every library, but that is what it is to me.  The ideal space representing the best in society.  It is well-organized, focused (books and computers, maybe some kids toys, DVDs and movies and that’s it), provides services for free if you just get a card, is filled with people who love books, has volunteers working there (as well as a couple of people who I’m sure are underpaid, but doing it because they love it) and provides a space for those at all levels of our socioeconomic community – from the homeless to the wealthy.  There aren’t many spaces we can say that about left in our communities.  Prior to our commuter-oriented, suburbanized evolution, there were all kinds of public spaces.  The grocery (or market as my mom used to call it) – there was typically one, maybe two in a community and everyone shopped there.  The schools (practically everyone was in the PTA and schools often had events that included the entire community – sporting events, concerts, etc.).  The parks.  Or maybe that is just a utopian vision we’ve painted of the past?

Anyways, I like that utopian vision and I have tried to pass on my love of the library to my daughter.  She is only five and right now she loves going to the library.  It is a little “field trip” that we do every couple of weeks.  I hope we will share it for many years to come.  I look forward to sharing the limitlessness that reading brings as she progresses as a reader (she is already reading pretty well for a 5 yo).  I want to be able to go new places with her, meet new people and learn about all kinds of new things.  A Google search is amazing and obviously extremely informative, but it isn’t the same as reading a book and having things become clearer as the pages turn.

So, I am committing myself to a couple of things in 2015.  I’ve already committed to “less screen in 2015” and I’ve been reading before bed instead of playing Candy Crush and Pet Rescue.  But, I’m always looking for what I really love and what is really me and I think I’ve uncovered a few things.  First, I love Murder, She Wrote.  But, it isn’t really Murder, She Wrote I love, it is the nature of the show.  I love that she is a nice, smart, friendly and critically thinking older woman who gets answers by paying attention and not giving up instead of bullying or beating people.  I love the mystery and the anticipation, but I want things to be figured out (I know, not very postmodern of me).  When I go to the library, I feel the people there are much the same on average – they are nice, smart (readers are smart), friendly, critical thinkers who pay attention and get answers through words on a page.  So, I’m going to recalibrate by not only reading more, but volunteering at the library.  I have been looking for a place to volunteer and it seems like it is the perfect place for me to volunteer.  It serves the wider community and I have a love for it.  I am also going to visit more often and participate in more of the things they offer because libraries stay open to serve people and if people don’t go there, they won’t stay open.  I am so glad we have a library that is open six days a week and have a Kid’s area and a Young Adult area and a good selection of movies as well as books as well as CDs.  I want to make sure that is maintained.  I also love that they show movies (my DD and I went and watched “The Long Way Home” during the summer) and offer times with tutors available and chess play and Wii play and other fun stuff for kids who might find it hard to find somewhere to go for free that has things to do.

Anyways – this started out as just a thought piece about the library (we visited there yesterday), but it turned into much more than that.  It turned into a piece that helped me learn something about myself.  Or at least uncover something about myself – or recalibrate something…

What about you?  What do you love?

Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday


The calm before the inevitable storm.

That is what this weekend feels like.  It is strange to not have a big volume of grading to do or tons of class prep (there is a bit, but not volumes).  I have things to do (the house looks like a tornado hit it and I do need to prep for Spring semester at least a bit), but it isn’t totally pressing.  I become so used to the constant demand on my time and energy that when that demand is not there, I’m not sure what to do or where to turn or how to act.

But, I’m sticking with my usual schedule, just feeling less pressured by it.  Because I know in a matter of three weeks I will be knee deep in it as the saying goes.  I am teaching one less class this coming semester than in the Fall, but my travel schedule is worse in the Spring and I have some additional opportunities that have arisen that I WANT to do and do well, so I need to get focused and use this “down” time well.

The Winter Session class is helping me prep for my Spring class, which is great.  I think that class will be pretty much “plug n play,” which will help a ton.  My other class is going to take a bit more work because I’m using a different book (that is a pretty fun read and is going to change my perspective on the class a bit, which I think is good), but the syllabus is done, so it is now just a matter of me getting my act together on the class schedule, which is always the beast of burden that never seems correct in its predictions for how long things will take.  But, we’ll see.  The new book may help.

So, there it is. I will try to enjoy this Calm Before the Storm and relax a bit.  Good news – I’m 250 pages into Inferno – my first book of the year.  Hoping to finish it this week and get started on another!