Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

In with 2015, out with tooth!

Well, this week at my in-laws has gone bust.  I’ve now lost my voice, my husband had to have his tooth pulled this morning because he was in so much pain and there was no one to do a root canal available on the holiday week.  We haven’t done anything fun because no one has felt like it much.  I’m still not feeling great and we have to drive back home this morning (about 7 hours) and since my husband is on pain meds, I will be driving the whole way myself.  My wonderful MIL did all of our laundry yesterday so we can go home with clean clothes, which is awesome.  If I remember correctly, my house is pretty much a mess, so there will still be plenty to do.  I also need to finish prepping for my Winter Session class that starts on Monday and finish my grading (finally!).  So, lots to do by the end of the weekend!  I will be happy if I I can get it all done and get my voice back by Monday.

I did get a new phone yesterday.  Not exactly the saving money venture I wanted to start the new year with, but my (broken) phone that I had changed to from my other (broken) phone kept turning itself off and wanting to be plugged in, even when it had 35% battery.  I am desperately in need of a dependable phone as much as I’m on the road and traveling between different jobs, so I bit the bullet.  Our bill is going to go up about $30 a month or so, but I am really going to do my best to cut back in other areas and keep this phone for a full two years.  I ended up getting a Galaxy Note and I’m pretty excited about it.  I really like the larger size, the stylus, the coordination with Google Chrome and other Google stuff.

Well, it is on the road for me!  Hope you all are enjoying your first Saturday in the new year!

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