Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday


The calm before the inevitable storm.

That is what this weekend feels like.  It is strange to not have a big volume of grading to do or tons of class prep (there is a bit, but not volumes).  I have things to do (the house looks like a tornado hit it and I do need to prep for Spring semester at least a bit), but it isn’t totally pressing.  I become so used to the constant demand on my time and energy that when that demand is not there, I’m not sure what to do or where to turn or how to act.

But, I’m sticking with my usual schedule, just feeling less pressured by it.  Because I know in a matter of three weeks I will be knee deep in it as the saying goes.  I am teaching one less class this coming semester than in the Fall, but my travel schedule is worse in the Spring and I have some additional opportunities that have arisen that I WANT to do and do well, so I need to get focused and use this “down” time well.

The Winter Session class is helping me prep for my Spring class, which is great.  I think that class will be pretty much “plug n play,” which will help a ton.  My other class is going to take a bit more work because I’m using a different book (that is a pretty fun read and is going to change my perspective on the class a bit, which I think is good), but the syllabus is done, so it is now just a matter of me getting my act together on the class schedule, which is always the beast of burden that never seems correct in its predictions for how long things will take.  But, we’ll see.  The new book may help.

So, there it is. I will try to enjoy this Calm Before the Storm and relax a bit.  Good news – I’m 250 pages into Inferno – my first book of the year.  Hoping to finish it this week and get started on another!

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