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Not at all wordless Wednesday… (Iate)

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Those are some books in my pile.  I am currently reading Inferno (Robert Langdon)
and enjoying it quite a bit.  I got the next two, The End of Everything: A Novel
and The Mangle Street Murders: The Gower Street Detectives: Book 1 (Gower St Detectives)
at the library this past weekend.  And after reading the reviews of The End of Everything (I picked it up as a random book off the shelf as I was scanning the “A” author fiction shelf) I don’t think I will read it.  Sounds a little dark, and I’m not really looking for dark right now.  So, I will be putting the other one on my priority read list (since it is due the end of January) as I’m hoping to finish Inferno tonight or tomorrow.  I have decided that life is too short

The next three I got at the thrift store and I may be giving those to my mom to read and then she will give them back to me (she has read many more of my books than I have at this point, but she always gives them back to me).  They are The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
which is another book in a series that she has read a couple from and seems to enjoy.  The Sugar Queen (Random House Reader’s Circle)
which I saw on someone’s book list as a good one, so picked it up since it was a hard cover for only $2.  The third is a book called Bobbie Faye’s (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels
which just looked and sounded interesting.  I’m a sucker for book titles and covers and this title definitely got me.  So, there are some books piled up, ready to read.


This Winter Session I’m teaching is really kicking my you-know-what! I’ve been going to bed very early (for me) and getting up very early and I’m still feeling like I’m terribly behind AND now Spring semester is beginning at one of my schools next week and I still have another week of the Winter Session class…holy prep Batman!  But, I’m sure I will get through it and the getting up early is probably good.

Lastly, does Rep. John Boehner have a tanning bed in his office or what?  Sorry – just saw him on the news and he reminds me of George Hamilton…

Boehner Tan The-Very-Tan-George-Hamioton

1 thought on “Not at all wordless Wednesday… (Iate)”

  1. Good comparison with George Hamilton. I don’t know what gives here. It looks unhealthy to me.

    You mentioned Inferno a few weeks ago and I was unaware of the Dan Brown title. I had you going back in time to Dante. Have a great day.


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