Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Date – “If we were having coffee…”

Have I told you how much I love weekly memes?  Well, if not, here I am telling you.  And showing you.  I’ve found another and the links so far in the link list are incredibly fun and interesting!  Its like meeting a bunch of new friends around a table at your favorite local coffee place and getting to know them through their shares.  So. much. fun.  So, I’m doing it.  Welcome to our coffee date #weekendcoffeeshare


Now that I’m full of coffee, let me tell you some things.  First off, I would tell you that I’m a little stressed out.  I’ve been basically working two full time jobs for the last six months and I’m doing it again this Spring semester.  This semester, it is one less class than last, but I taught a Winter Session.  I have found that I like it quite a bit, but I also get really stressed out thinking about it sometimes.  So, my plan was to have everything incredibly organized and my house de-cluttered and be on a good sleeping/eating schedule when the Spring semester started, yada, yada, yada. Now, I’ve basically achieved none of those things and the Spring semester at one campus is only two short days away. I might scream a little (or cry) at that point.

I would then tell you that I am struggling with figuring out how to raise a good person.  I am currently worried that my DD is having too much screen time and not enough character development (I would probably ask if you thought those two things were mutually exclusive).  I would tell you she is actually a pretty wonderful little person, but that I worry sometimes about ruining her…

I would, of course, ask you a few questions about yourself.  Do you have kids?  If yes, how many and what ages?  If no, what do you do with all of your time (wink)?  I would tell you I’m trying to read more and am finishing Inferno by Dan Brown.  I would tell you that in an alternative universe I would be a private investigator or a mystery writer or own a bookstore that sells mystery books.  Or that maybe I would be a librarian and I would host a murder mystery book group each month.

I would ask if we should order another cup of coffee and then I would probably realize that I had done most of the talking.  So, I would see what you have to say, which is what I’m going to do – head over to the links and see what others are saying at this coffee date.  I encourage you to do the same!

Enjoy!  See you for coffee next week, I hope!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Date – “If we were having coffee…””

  1. This is a great suggestion. My son and I were traveling back from his college and because of luck, were forced to sit at a community table at a café. We were up in Vermont and had the best conversations before we continued on his journey. Thanks, BTG


  2. I love the idea of the community table, but am often intimidated. I think it is the unusualness of sharing space with strangers. Those who travel and stay in hostiles don’t have these issues. 🙂


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