Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday


Everyone is sick and I’m exhausted!

The last ten days have been a $#%*storm.  Last weekend my mom came to visit because it was a year since my dad had died and we didn’t want her to be sitting home alone.  Bean was sick with a cold, running a low grade fever most of the time and then developed an ear infection that landed us in the ER and then back at the pediatrician for a new antibiotic two days later.  She didn’t sleep well the whole time, which means I didn’t sleep well the whole time.  My mom was having stomach issues while here, so no one did much and no one was very happy or comfortable.  My mom went home and immediately got the cold that Bean had and she is now in the hospital with possible pneumonia.  I have been on the verge of illness for the last three days, sleeping multiple hours during the day (which I never, ever do) partially due to not feeling well and partially because I’m simply exhausted.  Totally and absolutely exhausted.

So, I was hoping to spend this weekend recovering somewhat but now I probably will have to go down and see my mom at the hospital or my sister’s house (she is hopefully getting out of the hospital today).  The house is pretty much a mess, I am not prepped for the new semester at my other campus next week and I need to finish grading the Winter Session this weekend.

But, I’m going to take it one step at a time and do what I can do.  I just wish this headache I have would go away.  Far, far away…

What about you?  How is your Saturday looking?