31 Days Challenge – A Blog Post a Day

Well, I’ve joined the March Blog Hobnob and I am challenging myself to post at least once a day for the month of March.  I’ve been putting blog posts on the bottom of my to-do list and inevitably it never gets done.  So, I’m moving it up the priority list.  I feel like the writing does me good and I love the hobnob idea, so I’m going to visit a new blog a day and post every day.

March is definitely coming in like a lion for me – but not in the weather sense.  It is sunny and mildly cool here with a small chance of showers, but nothing else.  So, we don’t have any of the crazy cold happening here.  I am traveling to Ohio on Wednesday and we’re lucking out there as well – sunny with temps in the 40s.  But, life-wise it is definitely coming in like lion.  I fell yesterday in a parking lot and I am really sore all over (it was one of those epic falls where you think you’re going to avert the crisis but then end up splayed out on the concrete and you jump up too fast to avoid embarrassment) and now I have a bruised knee and very sore shoulders and neck area.  I also started getting a sore throat last night and seem to have a full blown cold today (but it could be allergies with the strange springlike weather around here) and I feel pretty miserable by all accounts.  As I said, I leave on Wednesday for five days in Ohio for our first visit to Pi Kappa Delta Nationals, which by all appearances is a seriously long tournament, but should be a fun one. I’m only taking four students, so it won’t be too overwhelming, but just getting ready to travel for five days plus dealing with all the bureaucracy is tough.  I am also attempting to organize myself and my family and have the house half way cleaned up before leaving (because let’s face it, while I’m gone, who knows what is going to happen around here).  So, there is all that as well.  But, I’m feeling relatively optimistic about getting it all done and there is a Diagnosis Murder marathon on the Hallmark Channel, which makes a good backdrop to doing things since I only have to pay half attention and still can get the gist of the plot.  Plus, who doesn’t love Dick Van Dyke?

On a good note, my DD has been next door playing for a few hours and my hubby is out with a friend so I have a blissfully empty and quiet house.  I’ve got the kitchen all clean other than sweeping and mopping.  I’m half way through the dining room and living room, but still have a boat load of laundry to do.  I am writing an exam that needs to be done by tomorrow morning, figuring out coverage for my classes this week while I’m gone and writing another exam that needs to be written by a week from Tuesday.  I am grading, but still have a ways to go on that.  But, all and all, I’m doing pretty good with my Sunday.

So, my goals for this month’s 31 days challenge is to post each day.  I would like to start a new “schedule” of sorts.  I love the memes I’ve been involved with in the past – and my Stray Thoughts Sundays (although, I may not get to that today since I have this blog post).  So, here is what I’m thinking for the next 31 days:

  • Stray Thoughts Sunday
  • Motivational Monday
  • Tuesday Truth
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursday Thumbs Up
  • Five Minute Friday
  • Six Minute Saturday

Now, to visit a HobNob blog!