Motivational Mondays

Motivational Monday –

Well, today’s motivation is a little low because I’m suffering from a cold and not looking forward to traveling with it in a couple of days.  To be honest, my usual motivation is much like a fire alarm – I get a note saying there is a deadline looming, so I do whatever that thing is.  But, as of late, that really isn’t working for me.  First of all, some things don’t come with a note that there is a deadline looming, so those things tend to NEVER get done.  And a lot of that stuff is stuff I would REALLY like to get done or I REALLY need to do.

So, I’m trying to figure out how to give myself meaningful deadlines on things to motivate myself to do them.  I’m just not good at fooling myself.  But, I’m also realizing how stressed out the way I’m living is making me.  And stress is not good for me.  I am trying to use the “act now” principle as often as possible.  But, often I can’t act immediately due to circumstances or other fires that I’m putting out.  So, that doesn’t always work.

But, I’m really trying to either “act now” or identify the time I will act and then follow through on that.  It isn’t always working, but I do seem to be making improvements.

I feel like I’ve read every time management and productivity book, blog and article out there, but nothing seems to work for me in the long term.  I start off strong and then fizzle out when things get overwhelming.  I think part of it is that I lack discipline, but part of it is also that I can’t find my “thing” that is really going to work for me.  I have been better about saying no to things this semester.  I’m consciously trying to not try to do everything (although it is often very tempting) and prioritize things to make it work better, but it hasn’t been easy.  There is so much cool stuff out there and people I’d like to help and things I’d like to do.  But, then I get bogged down in it all and I end up not doing anything at all.  So, making some choices will help me get things done in the end.

I really would like to do the 21 Day Fix (I failed at it the last time before I even got started), but the planning aspect seems totally overwhelming to me.  I can barely plan my life as it is, I can’t imagine having to plan the meals so far down to the measurements, etc.  So, I’m thinking that really won’t work for me.  I need something simpler.  I think Weight Watchers might work because it is just recording, not necessarily planning (although some planning has to happen to avoid running out of points on day 3 of the week, but not nearly to the level that is required for 21 Day Fix).  I need to do something because I’ve got myself scheduled to do a 5K in three weeks and then a mudder run in 3 months.  I need to get in better shape and start eating better.

I would also like to put together a budget and actually get on following it.  But, again, it seems a little overwhelming.  Which is ridiculous.  How simple is it to put together a budget?  But, it seems like a lot and then requires planning and follow up and all those things I’m not very good at doing.  Sigh…I really wish I could just have a personal assistant that I could hand everything over to and have them put it together and tell me what to do.  🙂  If only I were famous or wealthy or wealthy and famous.  I could probably get one of those.  I’m good at following instructions and doing what people tell me to do.  Maybe I just need a bossy, overly involved life-coach.  I wonder if I can find one of those on the internet…why yes, there is:

There is even a bossy nutritionist – that would probably help me out:

But, its relatively limited.  I think it may be that whole Ban Bossy problem.  No one wants to claim they are bossy…

Anyways, if you’re a bossy person who wants to use me as your test subject, I’m open to it!

What about you?  What’s your “thing” that keeps you on track?


1 thought on “Motivational Monday –”

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Since my memory is not what it used to be, I am a list maker, from way back. I also found for me, an old fashioned written list sitting by my computer or note reminders in my pocket work better than electronic ones. But, always remember the first sentence. I am still working on it. :>)


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