Wordless Wednesday

(almost) Wordless Wednesday – From Sun to Snow

Today, I traveled from California, where it was due to be sunny and in the 70s to Ohio, where we were met by this:

Snowy night pre-tournament

But, it does look pretty like this:

Snowy tree - pre-tournament Snowy tree 2

Luckily, on the way today at the Denver Airport, I found this awesome Russian themed coffee shop.  I wanted to buy one of everything just for the branding:

Daz Bog Coffee Denver Airport - Russian Tea

We’re here now.  The tournament has been delayed by three hours because of the severity of the storm tonight.  Which is great for our time change (we will actually be starting at 8 a.m. our time instead of 5 a.m. our time).  The hotel has the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel and I have a hotel room to myself for four nights.  So, overall, pretty amazing.  I am hoping the roads will be mostly clear tomorrow since driving in snow is not my specialty (or even something I’m knowledgeable about).  I am hoping that I can sleep (sometimes I get a bit of insomnia in hotels) and I am hoping to discover some additional cool coffee places while I’m here.  Good night all!  Have a great (almost) wordless Wednesday!


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