Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – REAL


I am participating in Five Minute Friday over at Heading Home again (feels like forever since I’ve last been here and I’ve missed it).  Today’s prompt is “real” – so, here goes:

Well, I feel like sometimes “real” is something I just want to escape.  Real life has been a bit rough lately for me.  But, unlike when we were little, we’re stuck with it.  I mean, I can escape for a little while sometimes but the “real” is always there, hanging over my shoulder, tapping me and telling me I’d better get back to it or it might do something awful.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of good about the “real” too.  I love that I “really” have a 6 yo daughter who has survived some amazing medical issues and is healthy and happy.  I love that I “really” have a marriage that I can be proud of (most of the time, let’s be “real” – no marriage is perfect).  And I love that I have a “real” job that still allows me to go to college (I teach college).  🙂

But, the “real” also has brought my Dad’s death and my mom’s illness and my siblings’ troubles.  It has brought my daughter’s medical issues, which will be ongoing throughout her life.  It also brings hardships on my friends and their families.  But, maybe this part of the “real” is necessary for us to appreciate all the good parts of the “real”.

There are changes I want to make in my life to make improvements in myself and for my family.  But, a lot of what I have is “real” good.  It is a work in progress and as long as we make progress, we’re in good shape.


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