Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Spring Edition


Spring Break, warm weather, too short.

This week has been BLISS!  It hasn’t all been just sitting around the pool reading and drinking coffee, but there was definitely some of that, as witnessed above.  But, it is weeks like this that make me wish at times that I did not have a job…or two.  I have done some grading and I’m closer to being caught up, although I will have to make a push on that today and tomorrow to finish it up completely.  But, I’ve been able to spend time having fun, get things done around the house that have been hanging over me FOREVER (can anyone say laundry? cleaning up the back yard a bit? taking the donations to the thrift store?).  I still have quite a bit to do, but I’m feeling like I have half a grip on things now (instead of hanging on by my fingertips, which is where I’ve been for the past couple of months).

It isn’t all peaches and cream around here, but small improvements relieve a lot of my stress and then I can focus on the issues and tasks that need to be dealt with.  Which is a lot, but the list is getting smaller.  Slightly smaller.

Today, my DD and I are walking in a 1 mile fun walk for our local hospital’s heart center.  There is a 5K too, but she felt like that would be too long, so we’re doing the shorter one.  It should be fun. I’m meeting up with someone new from a Meetup group I just joined, so that is a little stressful, but I’m sure it will be great.  There will be lots of fun stuff to do afterwards and then we can come home and relax and I can get some more things done.

Tomorrow, I’m volunteering at DD’s Sunday School, where we haven’t been in a couple of months.  With flu season, my travel schedule and my mom’s illness it just hasn’t been in the works.  But, hopefully we’ll get back this week and make it a more regular part of our weekly schedule now.  DD loves Sunday School and church is always a welcome respite during the week for me.

Then, Monday…dreaded Monday.  Spring Break is over and I’m back to the work grind.  But, hopefully without the pile of grading hanging over my head and with a better plan for dealing with the stuff coming in from students and a plan for my classes for the rest of the semester.  That may be a bit much to hope for, but hey, hope is all about optimism, right?

What’s your Saturday looking like?

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