Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thought Sundays

Well, tonight’s thoughts are mostly on the coming week ahead.  I’m going back to work, my DD is going back to school and I’m wishing we had another week.  But, I’ve had some other thoughts as well…

First off, parenting is hard work, even with only one child.  I see parents with multiple children and think they must be crazy.  I mean, who would go through it with one and rationally decide and even PLAN to have another, let alone go through it again with a second and do it yet again.  But, there are many out there who not only make that choice, but then seem to handle it with grace and a professionalism that can only come with experience.  I’m impressed by them.  I’m inspired to do better by them.  I’m sometimes intimidated by them.  But, more often than not, I’m just confused by them.  So, hat’s off to those of you with more than one child!  You deserve some recognition!

Second, Mister Rogers is my hero.  Seriously.  The guy was perfection.  I miss him.  I get to revisit some of him in Daniel Tiger with my DD (and she loves Daniel Tiger and has learned a ton from it), but I sometimes make her watch the old episodes with the real Mister Rogers.  The 70s lighting and such does not interest her like the cartoon, but it makes me wistful, and thankful.

And speaking of the 1970s, was Mister Rogers the only person being a good parent back then, or are we all just crazy now.  Read this from Mamapedia and let me know what YOU think…

I really, really wish we had named our puppy Snakefinder because of the PetSmart commercial.  I just love the way it rolls of the tongue and it sounds tough, but ridiculous, all at the same time.

The Heart and Sole Walk on Saturday was a pretty good time.  They had these little “Selfie” signs for pictures, but I think we may have been the only one using them for such purposes.  The heart specific ones were particularly poignant for us:

Heart and Sole Walk 2015

Well, those are some of my Stray Thoughts for this Sunday.  Where are your stray thoughts going?

3 thoughts on “Stray Thoughts Sunday”

  1. We had the one child (she’s now a social worker) who, at 4, would sit in front of Mr. Rogers with the sound off. I’d ask her why, and she’d say, ‘oh, he’s making small talk again’ which usually meant he was saying something like not to worry about going down the drain in the bathtub because it was too small, and ‘you’re too big’. Then, when he’d stop being instructive and would go to the land of makebelieve or visit a factory or something, she’d walk over and turn the sound back up–all the while sucking her thumb.


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