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Motivational Monday – I Missed You…

still alive

Just in case you were wondering.

It has been a while.  I was really hoping to be more consistent here, but when stuff piles up, this goes to the bottom of the pile.  So, I haven’t been in a while.  But, today is Monday.  A new week.  It is the first Monday in May.  A new month.  The end of the semester is drawing nigh and I am looking at summer break with a bit of drool on the side of my mouth.  This semester has been a rough one (gee, I seem to say that a lot come the end of the semester).  But, once again I appreciate the teaching benefit of getting to “start over” each semester with new students and a clean slate.  I’m hoping the Fall 2015 slate stays cleaner longer than the Spring 2015 slate did, but who knows.

So – this week’s agenda is busy, busy, busy.


At work, we have our end-of-year celebration for Speech and Debate on Wednesday.  So, I need to get graduation gifts, going away gifts (my Assistant Coach got a full time job at the local CC, so she is moving on), student awards (certificates were not printing right today, so I need to figure that out tomorrow and then have my student assistant get them all in frames on Wednesday) and then we’re Karaokeing (is that a word?) at a local restaurant that is frequented by retirees (we have quite a few under 21, so most of the Karaoke in town is out of bounds for them).  It should be interesting.  I might find someone to talk Murder She Wrote with there.  🙂

I also have committed to really working on getting my grading done for Chico State tomorrow.  That way, I can give everything back during the last class meeting on Wednesday.  It seems kind of insane to even think about being able to do that, but it would be so wonderful to have it out of the way before finals week.  We’ll see how much I actually get done.

My other classes are pretty much on cruise control until Chico is done since they go for another two weeks after Chico is done.  Then I will have to get all of those graded.  Sigh…


My mom has agreed to come up this weekend instead of us going there.  It should be better, but I need to get the house cleaned up.  Right now, it is pretty much a mess.  And my DH is leaving on Thursday morning for a work trip and will be gone until Monday night.  So, not much help there.  We’ll see how she deals with the stairs, etc., but hopefully it goes well.  So, there is laundry to do (lots of it), dishes to wash, vacuuming to do, dusting to do, etc. etc.  It is never ending around here.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week, so I volunteered to help with Bean’s school’s celebrations.  Tomorrow I am getting a traveler of Starbucks and a dozen bagels and some cream cheese from our local bagel place.  There is a potluck later in the week as well.  I want to help out because I really do love the teachers at Bean’s school.  But, tomorrow is going to be an early morning – I need to get it over to school around 7 a.m.


I’m feeling a bit better about things.  I’ve got my calendars up-to-date and relatively synced.  I am getting things done slowly but surely.  I’ve taken my boss’ advice after a meeting earlier this week and I now have a “To-Do list” on each day of my Google calendar on which I put the things that need to get done that day.  The stuff hasn’t got done everyday, but as she says, “as I move it from one day to the next, it makes me realize what really needs to be prioritized.”  So, I’m going to try to stick with this one and really start being more productive.  I’ve already noticed a difference, but I still don’t check it nearly enough and I forget things that are on the list.  But, baby steps.

So, there is my motivational Monday post, 9 minutes before Tuesday.  My goal for next week is to get the Motivational Monday post up more than 9 minutes before Tuesday.  As I said, baby steps.  🙂

1 thought on “Motivational Monday – I Missed You…”

  1. It was still Monday, so you made it. Seems like you have a full plate. Best wishes on the juggling act. May you walk forward without the balls dropping. BTG


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