I have a vested interest.

Powerful stuff from over at Tenure, She Wrote.  Sharing because I too have a vested interest.  I am lucky to work in a field that is not male dominated and in a department that has more women in positions of power (Chair, Dean, Department Head, etc.) than most.  But, this is a truth in a lot of University departments.

I have a vested interest..

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World Ovarian Cancer Day


Today, I’m doing double duty and posting to spread awareness of ovarian cancer and honor my mom since it is Mother’s Day weekend.  My mom has suffered several bouts of cancer and is currently in hospice because after her eighth or ninth round of chemo, it stopped working on her tumors.  She did a round of radiation, which slowed the progression and has now chosen to let it take its course rather than torture her body with more “treatments”.  But, one of the cancers she got that was particularly bad and probably was the source of some of her current problems, was ovarian cancer.  She didn’t catch it until it had progressed quite a bit and this was after being a 15 year survivor of breast cancer (so it was not being watched, but it is just that insidious).  My mom was lucky as ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of all gynecological cancers.

I encourage everyone who is a woman or has a woman in their lives to learn the symptoms of ovarian cancer (which can often be dismissed as something less serious), the risk factors, and how to be an advocate for yourself in the case that you think you or someone you know are at risk.

It isn’t what anyone wants to deal with, but catching these things early on and knowing the realities and options available is important.  So, educate yourselves and spread the word on May 8 – World Ovarian Cancer Day!