Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thought Sundays

My first stray thought for this Sunday is…puppies are exhausting.  Just plain exhausting.  And so are six year olds.  So, the combo of a six year old and a puppy is over the top.  This time of night is really the only time there is relative quiet in our house.  And I’m taking advantage of it, even if it does mean staying up later than I probably should.

I love Fat Mum Slim If you’ve spent much time on social media you’ve probably seen some of her follower’s pictures of the day posts.  I feel like if we didn’t live a world apart, we may be friends.  And this post is one of those that makes me think we would see eye to eye on a lot of things:  The Real Reality  Motherhood is messy.  And its okay.

This skort seems both ridiculous and totally ingenious.  I know that I hate not having pockets in my clothing, but I’m not sure I want to have to hike up my skirt to get to them.  I also can’t imagine paying $79 for a skort…even with a hidden pocket.  Unless that hidden pocket comes with hidden treasure.

This status happened for me on Facebook:

Diagnosis Murder just had the line, “This isn’t a drawing room and you’re not Jessica Fletcher, so what’s keeping you from shooting him.” Best line EVER! smile emoticon And yes, I’m watching Diagnosis Murder…


1 thought on “Stray Thoughts Sunday”

  1. I agree about the puppies. Our kids are grown, but when the little ones come over, it is either due to my age or their energy, but I am tired once they leave. I enjoy them, but it is hard to keep up the pace.


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