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Five Minute Friday – Follow


Participating in another Five Minute Friday this week over at Kate Montaung.  Join in if you’d like.  This week’s prompt is “follow”.

Follow – the word has taken on a whole new meaning in the world of Facebook!  But, following is something I often do.  I am a follower on social media.  I like to support people and following is a way of supporting them.  This is true in real life as well.  A follower is someone who shows up when you ask them to.  They are someone who knows your story and “follows” along, offering help or congratulations or celebratory messages when appropriate.  I have friends I don’t follow – and I’m often shocked by what has happened in their lives because it seems to come out of the blue.  But, in reality, if I were really “following” them, I would know why it happened.

Following in the real world gets a bad name sometimes.  We speak of leaders always.  But, leaders don’t exist without followers.  And sometimes the followers are really the power in the relationship, because without them, the leader would have no one to lead and therefore would not exist as a leader.  Some leaders get this, but others don’t really respect their followers as being powerful members in a relationship.  It is important to remember this for all leaders.  It is also important for followers to remember that they have power and choice.  They do not need to blindly follow, but should follow based on principle and relationship and respect.  Too many followers follow without question, without critical thinking and without really knowing where its going to get them.

Finally, following requires some dedication and commitment.  If we “follow” a sports team, than we know what is going on with them.  Perhaps we need to start investing that same energy into “following” our friends and family.

Time’s up!

That’s it – today’s Five Minute Friday post.  Check out some others over at the Five Minute Friday Linkup!