Wordless Wednesday

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Last Daisy meeting of the school year. She gets to add the middle of her Daisy and one petal because she memorized the Girl Scout promise and showed friendship by making a necklace and saying something nice about another Daisy. 🙂



We went for a drive to Burney Falls and this is the view overlooking the Valley on the way. It was gorgeous – a green spot in California!


On the trail to the bottom of Burney Falls.
And the beautiful falls themselves! It was breathtaking!
We went to the Silver Dollar Fair and Bean had her first pony ride. If you can’t tell, she had a GREAT time!
And she brought home quite the haul – three goldfish (they are still alive amazingly), a purple unicorn, a small stingray (we petted them at a mobile tank they had at the fair and Bean loved it), and a dolphin!
There may be more than one magical creature in this photo…what do you think?
If only she would grade my papers instead of sleeping on them.


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