An Argument between Myself and I

I often argue with myself.  I am a formidable opponent to myself.  I am more along the lines of moderation in all things while myself is more the “if you’re going to do it, really DO it!” type.  I sometimes give in to myself and dive right in to things only to find out soon enough that I am not capable of keeping up with it all.  So, myself is disappointed and I is frustrated at the failures.  Finding balance between these two is not easy.  I sometimes wants to avoid actually DOing things because of fear of disappointing myself when it doesn’t go well.  Myself is constantly wanting to try out new things, make commitments and do everything possible to make it work.  I drag my feet.

Feeling torn.

What about you and yourself?  Are they in sync or do you sometimes find yourself a little off-base?


Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – World


I am participating in another Five Minute Friday Party this week.  Join us over at Kate Motaung!

World.  It is a word that means something big, but our world can also be quite small if we let it shrink.  I’m caring for my mom again this weekend and I see the way her world has shrunk down to almost nothing as of late.  It is hard to watch and hard not to pressure her to see beyond that small world she has shut herself into because of pain, depression and suffering.  I want myself to always see the world beyond my own.  The world of pleasure and joy and enjoyment is still possible, even if only in a small way, but we have to seek it out at times.  It doesn’t always come looking for us.  Sometimes we have to seek it out.  I feel like my mom has given up on that seeking.

So, I try to remind her of the things that brought her joy (we went and got an ice cream cone last night even though she was feeling nauseated, she ate the whole thing).  We will go for a drive today, even though her back may hurt riding in the car, it also hurts at home and she loves to go for drives.  But, she so easily becomes trapped in her smaller world of pain and suffering and forgets there is something out there she enjoys and can still do.

It is important for us all to remember that we have been given the ability to experience joy and we should do that whenever we can.  We too often focus on what we are suffering.  Let’s focus on joy.  Let’s make our world about joy.


That’s it.  My Five Minutes is up.  Where is your world this week?