Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

And so it begins…officially summer.

I know that I’ve talked a lot about summer already but today is what I consider to be my PERSONAL start of summer.  We dropped my husband off at the airport in Reno this morning and he will be in Michigan for seven weeks working a summer camp.  So, I’m officially on my own.  Which is what the summer is usually about for me (since this is his 15th year working the camp – not always seven weeks, but almost always).  In a way, it is a productive time for me, especially when my DD has activities going on.  But, this summer is going to be a bit different.  Since my mom is having to figure out new caregivers (what a long, strange trip this has been) or hopefully will be moving into an Assisted Living facility later in July and I’m trying to help out by saving her some money by staying with her BUT my DD goes a bit stir crazy at my mom’s after a few days (rightfully so – it is hard to do much of anything while staying with her because she can’t walk well anymore and gets tired very easily), I’m trying something over the next few weeks.  So, here is my schedule:

This coming week, we’re doing Vacation Bible Experience at our church.  I say “we” because I volunteer.  It has been, by far, my DD’s favorite week of the summer for the past two summers.  Hopefully that holds up this year.

Then, a week from tomorrow, we will head to my mom’s house to stay with her as it is her caregiver’s last day (she is traveling for the rest of summer and then concentrating on Real Estate selling when she returns).  We are going to stay there that week and then head for Bakersfield that Friday.  My SIL is hosting a Fourth of July BBQ and pool party at her house and we’ll stay the night in a hotel on Friday, hang out with my in-laws on Saturday, go to the party on Saturday night, stay in the hotel again on Saturday, hang out a bit more with my in-laws and then head home WITHOUT my DD.  I’m going to leave her there for that week to hang out with her baby cousin and her Gigi and Papa and Aunt and Uncle!  She seems super excited about it and it will give me a chance to be at my mom’s for another week without the DD guilt.  🙂  We’ll go and pick her up the following Friday and possibly stay another night there if my mom feels up to it.

So, we’ll see how all this works out.  That saying about the “best laid plans” is definitely forefront in my mind right now, but I’m going to go ahead and go for it.  Wish me luck!


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