Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

Life throws another curve ball…striiiiiiiike!

For those just joining my life adventure… the plan was to be here at home until after church tomorrow then head to my mom’s in Vallejo for a few days, then my in-laws in Bakersfield for the Fourth, then another few days at my mom’s while my DD stayed with my in-laws.  THEN, I realized that our church’s family camp out was the weekend following the Fourth, so I decided not to leave my DD at my in-laws and just stay at my mom’s until Wednesday of that week, come home and then go on the camping trip on Thursday through Sunday (first camping trip – more on that later).  THEN, yesterday, I tried calling my mom’s and the phone was busy.  A few hours later, my sister called and my mom was at her house.  It seems that her backyard caught on fire yesterday (!).  They have a wood gazebo that my dad built and a wood deck and the next door neighbors had a nice wooden deck as well.  I guess those burned.  The house seems okay – just a few melted siding pieces and some melted rubber around the back french doors, but there will be no electricity until Monday at the earliest and the insurance adjuster can’t come until Monday.  So, my sister got my mom yesterday and took her to her house thinking she would be able to go home today.  But, no luck there.  Now, she is going to my mom’s to pick up the necessary things for a few days away and I’m driving down to my sister’s to pick up my mom and bring her here for a few days.  Hopefully, her electricity will be back on by Monday and we’ll head back down there on Tuesday.  But, with this, we will probably skip the trip to Bakersfield (I’m sure my mom will be completely exhausted after this few days) and just stay at my mom’s until we leave to come back here before camping.  If the electricity is not back on, we may just head to the Bay and stay in hotel (insurance covered hopefully) so she can have hospice come there and bathe her and check on her.

Sigh…serious curve balls here folks.  Last week was pretty good overall thankfully, so I’m feeling ready to deal with this.

Always an adventure…

10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday”

    1. Thanks Donna – I am very thankful for that as well. In another turn of events, my sister went down to pick up some things and the electricity was on, so we’ll be headed there tomorrow after all. My mom is staying at my sister’s one more night and we will pick her up there tomorrow and head down. Meeting with the adjuster on Monday and we’ll go from there…

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  1. Sounds like I stumbled across someone semi local! I’m a Nor Cal girl myself. Just North of Sac. Hope things smooth out for you and your Mom!


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