Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Hope (and a blog announcement)

Before I start on this week’s Five Minute Friday – a little explanation for my absence as of late.  I left for my mom’s house 12 days ago.  I was there for five days, then took her to my in-laws for the weekend of the Fourth, then went back to my mom’s for three days.  It was exhausting to say the least.  The day before I left, I started to feel a bit under the weather.  By the time I got home on Wednesday, I was miserably sick – running a fever, feeling a stabbing pain in my throat every time I swallowed, achy all over, glands feeling like painful marbles…so, I went to the prompt care clinic on Thursday and confirmed that I have strep throat.  Luckily, the Z-pak the doctor prescribed is already going to work and I’m feeling better.  Not 100% yet, but much better.  We cancelled our camping trip that was scheduled for this weekend and we’ll have a quiet weekend at home.  The neighbor kids are keeping my DD busy and I’ve been able to rest and am just now starting to unpack and clean up a bit.  So, I guess all is well that ends well.  But, the internet was sketchy at my mom’s – I have to use my phone.  In addition, I realize that taking care of my mom, my daughter AND the dog is a bit overwhelming.  I felt like every time I sat down to do something on the computer, someone needed me to do something within minutes.  And by the end of the each day, I was just spent.  I don’t know how people do it caring for multiple children and an aging parent.  It. is. hard.  So, I’m grateful for a quiet weekend at home of rest and unpacking and restoring order to our home life.  My DD has art camp next week each morning from 9 – Noon, so I will get into get some work done a few of those mornings and hopefully have a quiet week ahead of us.  How’s that for a transition?


 This week’s Five Minute Friday‘s theme is Hope.  Here goes:

Hope runs eternal as the saying goes.  Unfortunately, that phrase is usually said tongue-in-cheek and without much faith.  But, I do believe hope runs eternal.   I have had enough good fortune that came after suffering that I do tend towards optimism in most cases.  And I find that pessimism simply becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I just read an article that discussed an experiment done in the 80s with a group of men.  They were taken to a place and given everything to make them believe they were back in 1959, when they were younger and more active.  The experiment ended five days later with them being more active and losing a lot of what had previous made them aging.  The experiment allowed no mirrors and just gave them everything they needed to simulate life in the 50s.  It seems that we can convince our bodies to live the life we want it to live with the right environment.

I think this is important.  So often, we give up on ourselves – whether because of aging or some disability or family trouble, etc.  But, when we live each day to the fullest, living in hope and gratefulness and true belief that we are meant to do important things and to be there for that experience, we can provide ourselves reason to live better.  To be more.


That’s it.  Five Minutes.  And what a great place to end so I can talk about my blog’s new focus.  I’ve decided to try to make this blog more than what its been.  To allow myself more than what I’ve been giving to it.  So, as we approach another birthday (I started this blog on birthday in 2013), I feel like I’ve finally found my focus.  As the blog title reads, the reason I started writing the blog was to Be More as I went through the last half of my forties.  I don’t think I really have focused on that much here though.  So, I’ve brainstormed on what it means to “be more” to me.  And here are the things I’ve come up with:

  • Parenting/Family Life – an area where we can not only be more ourselves but support others in a way to allow them to be more as well.
  • Community Building – this is an area that has been on the fringe of my radar screen, but one I would like to bring into the center more.
  • Caregiving – this has been a lot of my life in the last five years and I feel like there is a lot of information I can share with others going through similar situations or knowing someone going through similar situations.
  • Self-care – because without this, no one can be more.  We must first support ourselves before we throw ourselves into the great unknown and attempt to be more.

So, there you have it.  My Five Minute Friday and my blog announcement!  Hopefully you will all stick around to read more in the future on these areas and hopefully there will be others joining you and we can all help each other to be more!