Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thoughts Sunday

Today has been a relatively good day, but I am struggling with the amount of clutter around my house.  I unloaded a HUGE bag of stuff and another smaller bag of stuff at the thrift store this morning, but it seems a little overwhelming every time I start to think about the volumes of stuff I have to get rid of.  I am selling a few things on Ebay.  We’ll see how that goes.  Ebay is sometimes good for me and sometimes a waste of time.  And I don’t predict very well what is one or the other.  So, it is like rolling dice in a craps game for me.  But, at least I have five more weeks of summer (!) before I have to be totally ready to go for Fall.  But, that seems like a really short amount of time!

Stray Thought Sundays

Childhood Anxiety:  My daughter is starting to show some signs of her anxiety coming back.  I’m really hoping that first grade is not going to be miserable.  She cried before Sunday School today and she LOVES Sunday School.  But, she’s had some fevers and been feeling bad because she is getting her sixth molar.  In addition, her favorite Sunday School teacher was not there this morning.  She ended up going after a good cry and was fine, but it is symptomatic of her anxiety coming back.  So, I’ll have to look into some strategies for dealing with it before her first day of first grade hits.

Race in America:  I have an interest in race issues and diversity since doing a few workshops dealing with the issue at my University.  I’ve come across a couple of really great articles this week that do a good job of explaining the complexity of issues from a personal viewpoint, so I will share them here in case anyone is interested.  The first, Black Exhaustion by Pilot Viruet.  The second, I, Racist by John Metta.

Gratitude is an attitude:  And I feel like my daughter is lacking it a bit these days.  She has had a SEVERE case of the Gimmes lately and despite the diagnosis being clear, the treatment is little less obvious.  She also was not incredibly nice to my mom when we spent the 10 days with her.  I realize that my mom’s emotional instability and hard time hearing is confusing to my daughter, so I often give her the benefit of the doubt.  But, I had to talk to her a couple of times about being nicer to her Grandma.  It was really eye opening for me and I feel like I need to do some serious changes based on these two things (Gimmes and lack of concern/love for others).  So, I plan to do some research and talk to others because in all honesty, I just don’t think I know what to do.  My talks get through in the short term, but the impact doesn’t seem to last long.

YouTube “unboxing” videos are evil:  Have you seen these videos?  There are entire channels that do nothing but open up toys on them.  Continuously.  New toy after new toy after new toy.  Some feature kids, but others are actually JUST adults.  Adults.  Opening toys.  Over and over again.  And they are on the YouTube for kids.  I am seriously thinking about pulling the cord on the iPad for my DD specifically because she can not get enough of these “unboxing” videos and I think it gives her a false expectation that there should always be something NEW to OPEN.  Sigh… I finally told her today that she could play with the iPad but could not watch YouTube because of this.  She was reluctant and it did cut the iPad session short.  Which was fine.  But, it is tough.  Anyone else have kids that love these channels?  I feel like Pandora’s box has been opened and I can’t close it up again.