Wordless Wednesday

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday

This past week I’ve not taken many pictures really.  Between being sick and then doing 101 things before Noon on Monday and Tuesday, I’ve just not found the time or had the inclination to take many pictures.  But, here’s a few:

First, the weather here has been unseasonably cool and it. is. glorious!  Usually this time of year we are in the 100s most days and breaking into the 110s every once in a while.  But, last week we didn’t have any days that were above the 90s and many days in the 80s!  This week we will have one day in the 100s (tomorrow) and most days were in the low 90s.  I’m getting spoiled.  I wish that every summer was like this here.  This is one of the few things I don’t like about where we live.  It is hard to fully enjoy summer time when you are sweating buckets the whole time and you can’t comfortably go out between the hours of 11 am and 6 pm because it is just too blazing hot.   Hoping for a continuation of the coolness.  Plus, it helps keep the fire danger down in our drought conditions.  So, we took this chance to enjoy the park after church on Sunday.


Art Camp started this week.  A local artist who used to do elementary school art teaching goes to our church and offers week long art camps a few times during the year and I’ve been waiting until Bean was old enough to attend.  The first day either really wore her out or she was fighting a bit of a bug.  She was zonked out on the couch like this for over two hours!  She rarely naps anymore, so it was unusual and actually quite nice.









Here is an example of the artwork – hers is in the middle.

giraffe art work

I also received my Walmart Beauty box.  For $5 they send me a bunch of samples that I can try out.  I’m not very adventurous when it comes to makeup and fragrances, so this gives me a chance to try things without investing much.  This one has some interesting things in it.


So, that was it for pics this week.  Not a whole lot.  And I’m finally finishing this post that I started yesterday.  Last night I did a Mom’s Night Out (will post about that later this week), so I didn’t get it done.  But, now you have it!